Applying for prequalification

In applying for prequalification or upgrading existing prequalification, the applicant is required to complete and submit an application form in electronic format only.

VicRoads Conditions of Prequalification

VicRoads Conditions of Prequalification [PDF 310 Kb] govern the operation of the Scheme. In applying for prequalification suppliers agree to abide by these Conditions.

The VicRoads Prequalification Scheme information sheet [PDF 234 Kb] shows the structure of the scheme, including a brief explanation of each level.

Application forms & eligibility criteria

Select the required group(s) below to access the application forms and the eligibility criteria.  

NOTE: The eligibility criteria nominated for each level in a group, must be consulted to ensure that the application addresses all relevant criteria.

Environment (External link)
Pavement and Geotechnical Engineering (External link)
Maintenance and General Works (External link)
Road and Bridge Construction (External link)
Road and Bridge Design (External link)
Traffic Management Services (Consultants)  (External link)
Traffic Management Services (Contractors)  (External link)
Transport and Planning Studies
Other Professional Services (External link)

Submitting applications

All applications must be submitted to: [email protected] (maximum file size of 100Mb or zipped file)

Further enquiries

Email: [email protected] 

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