Prequalification scheme

VicRoads prequalification scheme lists suppliers who are prequalified to tender on VicRoads work.

The scheme is structured into groups of similar work types. Each group is further divided into categories that may have levels that define areas of expertise or competency. There are currently nine groups in the scheme.

  • Environment
  • Pavement and Geotechnical Engineering
  • Maintenance and General Works
  • Road and Bridge Construction
  • Road and Bridge Design
  • Traffic Management Services (Consultants)
  • Traffic Management Services (Contractors)
  • Transport and Planning Studies
  • Other Professional Services

Note: Applications to the Traffic Management Prequalification Scheme were suspended in April 2020. A new program that builds on the prequalification scheme is in development and will be introduced in early 2021.

We will update this page with further details about key dates and the application process as we finalise the development of the program. 

The VicRoads Prequalification Scheme information sheet [PDF 93Kb] shows the structure of the scheme, including a brief explanation of each level.

Effective 1 January 2020, all road management functions and responsibilities of the Roads Corporation (VicRoads) are transferred to and vested in the Head, Transport for Victoria (established under s64A of the Transport Integration Act 2010).

As a result, a reference to the Roads Corporation or VicRoads in the road management standards, manuals, guidelines, codes of practice, technical notes, drawings, specifications and other technical information and documentation available for download must be construed as a reference to Head, Transport for Victoria -

(a) so far as the reference relates to any period on or after 1 January 2020; and
(b) if not inconsistent with the subject matter.

VicRoads Conditions of Prequalification

VicRoads Conditions of Prequalification [DOC 63 Kb] govern the operation of the Scheme. In applying for prequalification suppliers agree to abide by these Conditions.

Application forms and eligibility criteria

Each level has defined eligibility criteria which must be considered and addressed by suppliers when submitting details for an application for prequalification. Application forms and eligibility criteria are available for each group.

Register of prequalified suppliers

VicRoads maintains a Register of Prequalified Contractors & Consultants that have met the required eligibility criteria for a particular category and level of work.

Register of Testing Companies

Register of Testing Companies, application form and the Terms & Conditions are being updated, therefore, no applications will be considered at this stage.

Register of Testing Companies will be re-advertised soon.

All companies interested, including those currently registered, will need to apply when the "Register of Testing Companies" is advertised.

The following companies are eligible to perform field and laboratory testing of earthworks and pavement for contractors that have been awarded contracts by VicRoads, for the construction of road infrastructure works. Register listing last changed 1 December 2017.

  • AS James Pty Ltd
  • Constructions Sciences Pty Ltd
  • Chadwick Geotechnics Pty Ltd
  • Civiltest Pty Ltd
  • Douglas Partners Pty Ltd
  • GHD Pty Ltd
  • Ground Science Pty Ltd
  • Ground Science South West Pty Ltd

Applications will NOT be considered at present. 


Further enquiries should be made to our Procurement and Contract Management Department through our feedback form. Please select ‘Contracts and Tenders’ in the subject field.

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