Register of prequalified contractors & consultants

VicRoads provides a register of prequalified contractors and consultants. The register lists the company’s details and the levels of prequalification currently awarded to the company. The information is viewable by trading name in alphabetic order or by group and level.

Effective 1 January 2020, all road management functions and responsibilities of the Roads Corporation (VicRoads) are transferred to and vested in the Head, Transport for Victoria (established under s64A of the Transport Integration Act 2010).

As a result, a reference to the Roads Corporation or VicRoads in the road management standards, manuals, guidelines, codes of practice, technical notes, drawings, specifications and other technical information and documentation available for download must be construed as a reference to Head, Transport for Victoria -

(a) so far as the reference relates to any period on or after 1 January 2020; and
(b) if not inconsistent with the subject matter.

Listing by trading name 

An alphabetical listing of companies by their trading names (External link). The company’s record can be further expanded to provide contact details and prequalification levels. 

Listing by prequalification group and level

A listing of companies in each prequalification level of a group (External link). The company’s record can be further expanded to provide contact details and all prequalification levels. 

Under the Conditions of Prequalification, it is the responsibility of companies to inform VicRoads of changes to their details. These changes and further enquiries should be made to our Procurement and Contract Management Department through our feedback form. Please select Contracts and Tenders in the subject field or call (03) 9854 2427.

A register of construction suppliers is also maintained by the Department of Treasury and Finance. Companies on this register are not necessarily entitled to tender for VicRoads work.

A list of registered testing companies is also available on the Prequalification scheme page.


Document user agreement

Please read the VicRoads document user agreement before downloading the register of prequalified contractors & consultants

Read the Document user agreement

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