Non-construction goods & services

This section is for suppliers involved in supplying goods and services not related to building and construction where works are covered by the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) policies and guidelines. 

The Victorian Government procurement framework

VicRoads is transitioning to operate under the new Victorian Government procurement framework from 1 July 2015.

The VGPB mandate only applies to goods and services procurement and there will be no change to the processes for Building and Construction procurement.

The new framework is designed to support a more strategic and efficient approach.

It is underpinned by high standards of probity, accountability and flexibility with a strong focus on:
  • value for money, 
  • more interactive engagement with the market, and 
  • productivity improvement.

Find out more about the procurement framework and its five supporting policies on the Victorian Government Purchasing Board website (External link).

Procurement Activity Plan

VicRoads publishes an annual Procurement Activity Plan in July to advise suppliers of proposed procurements where the estimated value is greater than $100,000 (excluding GST). The plan is updated twice a year.
Note that all VicRoads planned procurement projects are subject to revision or cancellation. 

The information in the Procurement Activity Plan is provided for planning purposes only. The Plan doesn’t represent a solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment by VicRoads to purchase the described goods or services 

VicRoads Procurement Activity Plan [PDF 147Kb]

Recently awarded purchase order contracts

We've prepared a table of purchase order contracts awarded by VicRoads.   

State Purchasing Contracts

The VGPB mandates that VicRoads uses State Purchasing Contracts (SPCs) for new contracts from 1 July 2015 where a relevant SPC exists. 

Details of these contracts are available on the Victorian Government Purchasing Board website (External link).

Complaints Procedure 

A Complaints Management Framework [PDF 290Kb] (green diagram below) is available to suppliers who have an issue or concern in relation to the process and probity applied by VicRoads when carrying out a procurement activity.  


VGPB Compliants Management Framework

The complaint should be in writing and include the following details:
  • A concise written statement clearly setting out the basis and specific details for the complaint;
  • How the subject of the complaint and the specific issues affect the person or organisation making the complaint;
  • Any relevant background information including prior actions or correspondence involving VicRoads in relation to the issue; and
  • The outcome desired by the person or organisation making the complaint;
Copies of all relevant documentary evidence supporting the complaint.  

Time Period for Complaints

  • Complainants are encouraged to submit their complaint during the evaluation period, before the tender process is finalised.  However, complainants may choose to submit complaints at any stage.
  • Written complaints should be received within 5 working days of the complainant’s initial contact with VicRoads regarding the complaint.  
Any delays may adversely affect the timeliness of VicRoads’ response and any proposed remedial actions.

Contact and Lodgement Details for all Documents Pertaining to the Complaint

The complaint should be in the form of a letter addressed as follows:

Chief Procurement Officer 
VicRoads Procurement and Contract Management Office
60 Denmark Street
Kew   VIC   3101

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