Purchase orders over 100k


PO No Supplier name Description of work Authorised Current Net Price (AUD)
M05879 MONASH UNIVERSITY ACCIDENT VicRoads contribution to Extreme Events project 29/07/2015 100,000
M05452 BUPA WELLNESS BUPA WELLNESS program at Registration & Licensing 2015/16 15/07/2015 96,340
M06111 JAYTIAR CONSULTING Contract resource to perform in country team leading role on the project funded by the Asian Development Bank in Kerala India. 5/08/2015 100,000
M07529 AECOM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Professional Service for Independent Reviewer to provide Special Report for PenLink Fwy Service Centre. 17/09/2015 150,000
M07852 SMS CONSULTING GROUP LIMITED To provide IT Architecture and Business Analysis services to undertake problem definition, requirements management, solution options analysis and design activities associated with IT future state planning and delivery functions. (signed procurement plan # 3100554) 1/10/2015 413,200
M07678 SENSE OF SECURITY Provision of PCI DSS consulting services to VicRoads to assist in ensuring ongoing compliance with PCI DSS for new or modified systems 23/09/2015 180,000
M07207 FIT TO DRIVE FOUNDATION INC 154 Year 11 Secondary School - Fit to Drive - half day Road Safety Peer Led Workshops 9/09/2015 104,700
M07650 SAFE SYSTEM SOLUTIONS PTY LTD Development of a business case for Bolton Street Upgrade 23/09/2015 93,200
M08688 UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE VicRoads financial contribution for Extreme Events project 30/10/2015 100,000
M07210 INDEX CONSULTANTS PTY LTD Provision of Project Management Services for the Information Management and Technology 2015/16 program 9/09/2015 450,000
M05697 ISOBAR COMMUNICATION P/L TAS Travel Happy Campaign, Creative development for the Travel Happy public education advertising campaign 23/07/2015 226,136
M08085 HELSINKI AGENCY PTY LTD Motorcycle Filtering Campaign, Creative development for the Motorcycle Filtering public education advertising campaign 8/10/2015 120,000

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