Driving in emergency lanes

Tow truck drivers are allowed to drive in an emergency stopping lane on a freeway to quickly reach an accident or disabled vehicle and clear the road.

The driver must only travel in the emergency stopping lane:

  • to gain access to a road accident scene or incident on that freeway in order to remove or tow damaged/disabled vehicles from that road accident scene or incident
  • only at times when driving in other lanes is not possible due to congestion or obstructions when accessing a road accident scene or incident.

When travelling in an emergency stopping lane, tow truck drivers must:

  • activate the vehicle yellow flashing or rotating warning lights
  • not exceed 40km/h
  • provide clear passage to emergency vehicles at all times.

Tow truck drivers must also comply with all applicable laws, codes of practice and standards, including the requirements of any licence or permit issued in respect of the tow truck. See the Victoria Government Gazette (External link), Special No.S362 - 29 October 2012 for further details.

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