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The Victorian towing industry is divided into accident towing and trade towing.

Accident towing

Towing a vehicle damaged in an accident. This may only be done by a licensed tow truck.

Vehicles performing accident towing services must be licensed. These vehicles will be issued with a 'TOW' or 'HTT' number plate. Drivers and passengers (except customers) in tow trucks who attend accident scenes must be accredited. Operators of accident towing licences and their depot manager (where applicable) must also be accredited.

The accident towing industry in Victoria is regulated by the Accident Towing Services Act 2007 and the Accident Towing Services Regulations 2019, which contain requirements to ensure safe and responsible accident towing in Victoria.

Trade towing

Non-accident towing undertaken for hire or reward, eg. breakdown towing. This may be done by anyone with a vehicle capable of performing the towing function, including tow trucks licensed to attend accident scenes. A licensed tow truck when providing a trade towing service must only be driven by an accredited person..

Trade towing has been deregulated. While trade towing operators are no longer required to be licensed, they are still required to comply with other laws, such as road safety laws, consumer protection laws, occupational health and safety laws, and so on.

Melbourne Controlled Area

Accident tow trucks in the Melbourne Controlled Area (including Mornington Peninsula) are formally allocated on a roster basis to attend accident sites within this area. Tow trucks may only attend accident scenes in this Controlled Area if they have an allocation number.

Self-management Area of Geelong

Accident tow trucks within the Self-management Area of Geelong are approved by VicRoads to perform accident towing services in this area. Accident tow trucks outside this area are not allowed to provide accident towing services within the Self-management Area.

Regional Victoria

In other areas of Victoria, tow trucks may attend an accident scene without a formal allocation. An accident scene extends for two kilometres from the scene of the accident.

Accident towing licences

Accident towing licences are issued to the vehicle, not the driver. Accident towing licences issued in Victoria are shown below:

Accident tow truck licences in Victoria

Tow truck licence Metropolitan Regional Total number 
Regular 421 306  727
Heavy 22 17  39
Total number 443



Publications and forms

Tow Truck forms are in a fillable PDF format, so you can save and print when required.

Please make sure you have a copy of the completed forms for your records before forwarding the originals to VicRoads.

Please note that some application forms have a non-refundable application fee. 

Application forms

Authority to tow forms

Accident towing allocation map

You can search for roads that are part of the accident allocation system in the Controlled Area of Melbourne and the Self-management Area of Geelong.

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