Tow truck vehicle licence

To operate a vehicle as a tow truck providing accident towing services you will need a licence.  

Accident Tow truck licences

There are a limited number of licences and these may be purchased from existing licence holders. The issue of any additional new licences can only be authorised by the Minister for Roads. Accident Tow Truck Licences do not expire, and remain in force until the licence is cancelled, surrendered or suspended.

Types of accident tow truck licences

There are two types of accident tow truck licences:

  • regular tow truck licences
  • heavy tow truck licences.

Regular accident tow truck licence

A Regular Tow Truck Licence may provide accident towing services to vehicles of any gross vehicle mass that the tow truck is capable of towing, subject to the conditions placed on the licence. 

Heavy accident tow truck licence

A tow truck issued with a heavy accident tow truck licence can provide accident towing services to vehicles of a gross vehicle mass of 4 tonnes or more. This means that a heavy tow truck cannot tow a car, truck or other vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of less than 4 tonnes.

Acquiring or disposing of an accident tow truck licence

It is possible to enter into an agreement to transfer an existing licence, if the transfer is approved by VicRoads.

Transfer an accident tow truck licence

An accredited operator can purchase an existing tow truck licence from a current licence holder and apply to VicRoads for approval of the licence transfer.

How to apply for a transfer of an accident tow truck licence

You need to complete an Application for Transfer of Tow Truck Licence/s [PDF 95 Kb] with a cheque or money order for the transfer fee for each tow truck licence and send to:

VicRoads - Accident Towing
Locked Bag 9000
Kew, Victoria, 3101

Additional information to support an application

You will need to provide a current National Police Certificate which was issued within the last six months. VicRoads is unable to process your application without this certificate.

VicRoads has 30 days to assess your application. If additional information is required, this period may be extended. VicRoads will advise you in writing if this is the case.

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