Trade towing

Trade towing is non-accident towing for hire or reward, for example if a vehicle breaks down and needs to be towed.

Trade towing can be performed by:

  • tow trucks that are ‘Trade Only’ trucks, which have ordinary number plates or number plates that end in ‘TT’ (these may only perform trade towing)
  • tow trucks that have number plates that begin with ‘TOW’ (these may perform trade towing and accident towing) 
  • anyone with a vehicle capable of performing a towing function and that meets the regulated requirements for a tow truck.

Heavy vehicles may need a heavy tow truck.

If you need a trade tow, it does not matter whether the tow truck is a ‘trade only’ or a ‘TOW’ tow truck.  Both types must comply with Victoria’s road safety laws, consumer protection laws and other relevant laws (such as the Australian Design Rules, which set out safe design standards).

How to engage a trade tow truck

There are several ways to find a trade towing service. Trade towing services are listed in the phone book, on the internet, or by calling your roadside assistance company.

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