Nationally consistent traffic management training methods and materials

We’re introducing a new traffic management training model to maintain high levels of safety and compliance at road worksites. 

It is one of the initiatives being delivered under the Traffic Management Reform (TMR) program to create a consistent approach to traffic management across Victoria in line with national guidelines and approaches.

How is traffic management training changing?

The traffic management training model is changing to reflect the updated Road Management Act (Code of Practice for Worksite Safety – Traffic Management) and accreditation program. Traffic management workers need to be trained in the new standards and guidelines.

The new training model will also mean that the courses are being taught and evaluated in the same way across all Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), so students are learning the same content and getting the same experience. This will help create a consistent approach to traffic management activities across our state.

The training will continue putting the safety of workers, road users and local communities as the top priority as traffic management activities are planned and delivered. As it will be aligned to the national guidance, the Austroads Guideline to Temporary Traffic Management, it will give traffic management workers a nationally recognised qualification which allows them to work in any jurisdiction across Australia (following the completion of any additional state specific training). 

The new training model is currently in development and will be released in the second half of 2022. 

What does this mean for traffic management workers?

New traffic management workers will be required to take the new training courses in the first instance.

Current traffic management workers will take the new training course as their qualifications expire.

More information about the new training model and which RTOs will be offering course will be available in the second half of 2022 as details are confirmed.

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