Permits Self-Service Portal and updated Consent and Memorandum of Authorisation (MoA) permit processes

The Department of Transport (DoT) is introducing a new Permits Self-Service Portal and updating permit application processes so that companies can apply, monitor and receive approved applications to carry out traffic management activities quicker and more easily.

These improvements are part of the Traffic Management Reform (TMR) program, which will create a consistent and safety-focused approach to traffic management across Victoria.

Centralisation of MoA permit processing

Under the Centralisation of MoA permits initiative, DoT metropolitan and regional MoA permit processing will be consolidated into one team to manage MoA permit applications across Victoria.

Metropolitan and regional MoA permits are being processed by the same team so the application process and information requirements are the same across the state and to create consistency in the advice given to industry. Industry will benefit from streamline processes and enhanced customer service levels.

The new ways of working started on 14 March 2022, when regional MoA permit application processes start to be processed by the centralised team. This included introducing a standard processing turnaround time of 15 business days, which can be longer if it’s a complex application or needs further information to process it. 

Please note that events and consent permit applications (Working within a Road Reserve – WWRR) are not impacted by this initiative and both permit application processes remain the same.

Please find the updated MoA permit application process and key contacts list below.

For more information about the MoA permit application process, please visit the Memorandum of Authorisation permits webpage.

Permits Self-Service Portal

A new online Permits Self-Service portal will be launched in late 2022 to help traffic management companies more easily apply and keep track of their MoA and consent permits applications. It will include an easy-to-read dashboard display so you can track your applications progress.

Training materials to help traffic management companies learn how to use the new Permits Self-Service Portal will be released when it is launched. 

Changes to Memorandum of Authorisation (MoA) permit process

In late 2022, all MoA permit applications will be submitted through the new Permits Self-Service Portal.

Following the launch of the Permits Self-Service Portal, a fee for processing MoA applications will be introduced to encourage applicants to only submit MoA permits when they genuinely need access to the road reserve.

Traffic management companies will also be required to submit a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) with each MoA application to ensure the plans address the necessary requirements for effective and safe onsite management of traffic.

Changes to Consent permit process

The consent and MoA permit processes are being aligned so both can be to be managed in the Permits Self-Service Portal from late 2022. This will make the experience easier and more streamlined for applicants as there will be a consistent process to follow.

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