Traffic Management Code of Practice and Surveillance Framework

We’re introducing new traffic management industry guidance and Surveillance Framework to maintain high levels of safety and compliance at road worksites. 

These are two of the initiatives being delivered under the Traffic Management Reform (TMR) program to create a consistent approach to traffic management across Victoria in line with national guidelines and approaches.

Updated Code of Practice for Worksite Safety – Traffic Management

The Department of Transport is adopting the safest elements of the Austroads Guideline to Temporary Traffic Management (AGTTM). The current Road Management Act 2004 (Code of Practice for Worksite Safety - Traffic Management) will be updated to incorporate the AGTTM but will retain the current measures that preserve higher safety standards. It will include a supplement that will address the circumstances and situations that are unique to Victoria, such as our tram network.

The updated code of practice will also be simplified so it is easier to understand obligations and requirements. Supporting materials will be produced to explain the difference between the previous and updated versions.

The updated new code of practice is being finalised and will be released in the first half of 2022. The traffic management industry will have six months to start following the new code of practice from when it is put in place. 

New Surveillance Framework and end-to-end processes

As the updated code of practice, new accreditation program and new training model start creating a more consistent traffic management approach, the Surveillance Framework will be put in place to make sure that any traffic management companies or workers who are not compliant with regulations and standards can be held accountable in a fair and reasonable manner. The new Surveillance Framework and end-to-end processes is currently in development and will be released in the second half of 2022. 

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