What is the Traffic Management Reform (TMR) program?

The traffic management industry plays a pivotal role in establishing and managing road worksites that prioritise the safety of workers, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

That’s why the Victorian Government is providing the traffic management industry with the extra support needed to promote safety on the road network and reduce unnecessary congestion and delays around worksites through the TMR program. It is made up of a range of initiatives that create a more consistent and safety-focused approach for how traffic management activities are planned and delivered:

Initiatives improving permit application processes  Initiatives improving traffic management qualifications, training and enforcement 
Centralisation of Memorandum of Authorisation (MoA) permit processing: started 14 March 2022 Introduction of Temporary Traffic Management Accreditation (Accreditation) program: became mandatory on 1 February 2023 
Road Access Permits Portal (RAPP): launched 17 October 2022 
Updated Code of Practice – worksite traffic management to incorporate the Austroads Guidelines to Temporary Traffic Management (AGTTM): commenced on 1 December 2023
Consent process harmonisation: to be completed by June 2024 
Nationally consistent training methods and materials: to be introduced from 1 December 2023  
MoA charging: introduced on 29 October 2023 
Surveillance Framework and end-to-end processes: to be developed by June 2024

The TMR program was extended to June 2024 to include additional initiatives to keep improving how we support the traffic management industry and wider stakeholders:

  • identifying further opportunities to consolidate, automate and refine MoA permit and Consent for Working Within the Road Reserve (WWRR) application processes
  • investigating ways to better collaborate, delegate and align with local councils, utilities and other bodies on MoA permits and other traffic management processes and activities
  • promote the benefits of diversity and inclusion in traffic management in partnership with industry
  • partnering with industry to deliver a worksite driver education campaign

The TMR program is supported by the $340 million Smarter Roads program, which is rolling out improvements across the network to make journeys smoother, smarter and safer. Both programs are working together to keep people and goods moving on the road network.

How will the TMR program support the traffic management industry? 

The TMR program has widespread benefits for the traffic management industry, roads users and local communities including:

  • updating Victoria’s Road Management Act (Code of Practice for Worksite Safety - Traffic Management) to align with national guidance to create a consistent traffic management approach across all states
  • introducing a new Accreditation program to ensure only those companies with suitable training, experience and a good safety record will be accredited to manage traffic on the road network
  • improving the traffic management qualification process by introducing new standardised training methods, creating consistency across all training providers and provide nationally recognised qualifications
  • launching a RAPP to streamline how the traffic management industry applies for and receives authorised MoA and Consent for Working Within the Road Reserve (WWRR) permits
  • updating permit application processes to increase the consistency of advice and make it easier for the traffic management industry to do business with government 
  • strengthening the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP)’s regulatory ability through the introduction of new penalties and fines for safety breaches and any other compliance issues.

How can I get involved?

DTP is working closely with the traffic management industry to make sure they have the support needed to incorporate these initiatives into their day-to-day activities. A range of guides and materials will be available, including:

  • How to guides and training materials for RAPP.
  • The new Code of Practice with supporting materials that explain the difference between the updated and previous versions. 
  • Accreditation application form and company guidelines.
  • Regular information sessions as the TMR program progresses so traffic management companies and stakeholderscan ask questions and find out more about the initiatives. 

For more information about the TMR program and how it will support the traffic management industry:

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