Recruitment privacy statement

VicRoads is committed to the responsible handling of personal and health information collected as part of the recruitment process.

Information collected about you will only be used in relation to recruitment and selection processes and will not be disclosed to a third party without your consent, except as provided in this statement or otherwise required by law.

As part of the recruitment process VicRoads may utilise the services of a third party.

Unsuccessful applications will be retained for a minimum period of six months after the conclusion of the selection process. Personal information may also be retained after that time in the selection report created by the selection panel. Information will not be used for consideration for future employment without your consent.

Applicants may be required to provide their written consent to check records maintained by Police, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and VicRoads as a part of the selection process. Applicants may be required to undertake a health check.

VicRoads will rely on information provided for selection process requirements.

More information is available in our website privacy statement.

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