Behaviour Change Program

Victorian drink and drug driving laws changed on 30 April 2018. From 30 April 2018, a VicRoads approved Behaviour Change Program (BCP) must be completed for each drink and/or drug-driving offence committed after this date. On 30 April 2019, the BCP requirement will expand to include anyone whose offence  was committed before the new laws came into effect, and who hasn’t been relicensed.


What if my offence happened before the laws changed on 30 April 2018?

Prior to 30 April 2018, a Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) accredited Driver Education Program (DEP) is required to be completed by drink and/or drug-drivers under 25, or if you have to go to court before getting your licence back, the Magistrate may have required other drink and/or drug drivers to complete a program. 

If you have to complete a DEP, you can do the program but only if you finish your course by 29 April 2019. Otherwise, you can choose to complete a BCP to meet your requirement.
From 30 April 2019, the BCP will be the only program offered, replacing the current DHHS Driver Education Program. 

What if my offence was before the laws changed, and I didn’t have an education requirement?

From 30 April 2019, the BCP must be completed before you can apply to get your licence back, even if you didn’t originally have a driver education requirement for your offence. 

This applies if your drink and/or driving offences happened before the new laws come in, and:
  • your licence was cancelled before 30 April 2018 for that offence, and 
  • you are not relicensed for this offence by 29 April 2019. 

If you are relicensed before 29 April 2019, you won’t need to complete a BCP for these offences. 

What is the Behaviour Change Program (BCP)? 

The Behaviour Change Program is designed to help you identify the underlying reason for your drink and or drug-driving offence and identify ways to reduce the risk of re-offending. 

To complete the Behaviour Change Program, you’ll need to participate in all program components, including:

  • contributing to group discussion
  • participating in all activities
  • completing the participant handbook
  • completing the alcohol use/drug use questionnaire to determine if you require further support.

The facilitator may provide you with a referral for further support to assist you with any alcohol or other drug problems. 

If you meet all the participation requirements at the end of the program, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion.

What kind of program do I need to do? 

The type of BCP you need to complete depends on the details of your offence. Refer to the below table for details.

You’ll receive a letter from us that has important information about enrolling in the right program. Please have this letter with you when booking into the BCP. If you have not received this letter or if you’re not sure about which BCP to complete, please contact Driver Relicensing Services on 1300 723 790. 

To find a BCP provider, visit Behaviour Change Program providers

Drink and Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program Components 
Offence details 
Drink Driver Program

This applies to you if: 

  • you were caught drink-driving with a blood or breath alcohol concentration (BAC) of less than .15,
  • it was your first offence and
  • you didn’t have drugs in your system.
Drug Driver Program

This applies to you if:

  • you were caught driving with illicit drugs in your system and
  • it was your first offence. 
Intensive Drink and Drug Driver Program

This applies to you if:

  • it was your second or subsequent drink or drug-driving offence
  • your BAC was .15 or more
  • you had both alcohol and drugs in your system
  • you were charged with a refusal offence for alcohol and or other drugs testing
  • you were charged with driving while impaired (DWI)
  • you were charged with driving under the influence (DUI)
  • you were charged with a serious motor vehicle offence involving alcohol and/or other drugs e.g. culpable driving.

To find out more about what penalties would apply to you after a drink or drug-driving offence, see drink-driving penalties, drug-driving penalties, or combined drink and drug-driving penalties

Will I need to complete a Behaviour Change Program for every offence? 

If your offence was on or after 30 April 2018, you’ll need to complete a BCP for each drink and/or drug driving offence.

If your most recent offence was before 30 April 2018, and if you have to complete the BCP for your offence, you’ll only need to do one program. 

If you have completed the Drink Driver Program or the Drug Driver Program and you re-offend, you’ll be required to complete the Intensive Drink and Drug Driver Program

What does a BCP include? 

The Behaviour Change Program has been developed to help participants explore the reasons behind their drink and or drug-driving offence and provide an opportunity to explore the consequences of their offence, not only on themselves but others, and identify the benefits of not re-offending. The program enables participants to develop an action plan to assist them to not drink and or drug drive again. The program also provides referral support for those who have alcohol or drug use concerns.

How long are the Programs? 

Drink Driver Program - The program is held over two sessions, one week apart. Each session runs for approximately 3.5 hours and includes a break/s. The maximum number of participants in a group is 12.

Drug Driver Program - The program is held over two sessions, one week apart.  Each session will run for approximately 3.5 hours and includes a break/s. The maximum number of participants is 10.

Intensive Drink and Drug Driver Program - The program is held over four sessions. There will be three 3.5 hour sessions (includes a break/s) and a one on one counselling session with the facilitator prior to the third group session. The maximum number of participants is 8.

If you’ve committed a drink-driving offence and you’re a participant in the Intensive Drink and Drug Driver Program, you’ll also need to complete a 2-hour Pre-Interlock Removal Program before you can have your alcohol interlock removed. 

How much does it cost?

BCP providers may charge slightly different fees, so we recommend contacting different organisations to compare costs.

A VicRoads Program Cost Recovery fee is also included in the total amount ($67 or $34 for eligible concession card holders), which is collected by the provider on behalf of VicRoads for the ongoing management of the BCP. This fee is collected prior to attending the program and is additional to the provider’s cost to deliver the program.

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