Drug-driving offences

An overview of the ways to get your driver licence back following a driving ban for a drug-driving offence.

If your driver licence and/or learner permit has been cancelled because, of a drug-driving offence or a combined drink and drug-driving offence, or another offence resulting in a licence cancellation or disqualification, you will be required to get a Licence Eligibility Order from a Magistrates' Court.

Visit the following links from the Magistrate' Court of Victoria to find out how to get a Licence Eligibility Order.

To get an LEO, attend a Magistrates’ Court and arrange a hearing at least 28 days before your driver licence/learner permit cancellation ends. The court will fix a hearing date at least 28 days ahead, but not before your cancellation ends.

Make sure you find out what documents are required for the hearing. You may be asked to have an interview with Victoria Police before the court hearing.

The court will decide whether to issue you with a Licence Eligibility Order.

Get your driver licence reissued

Once you have received your Licence Eligibility Order from the court you will need to get visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre to get your driver licence or learner permit reissued, you will need to bring with you:

If you have not held a current Australian or overseas driver licence in the last 5 years or need to reissue an expired motorcycle learner permit, you will also need to be retested before your licence or learner permit is issued. Visit Renew your licence or learner permit for information about what tests are required.

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