The Alcohol Interlock Management System (AIMS)

Find out how to manage your alcohol interlock using the Alcohol Interlock Management System.

AIMS is an online portal to help you complete your Alcohol Interlock Program. 

What is AIMS?

AIMS is a web based application which helps you monitor your interlock usage and keep track of your progress in the Victorian Alcohol Interlock Program

For a better display experience, it is recommended that you use a desktop PC, laptop or notebook as the information displayed in AIMS is presented in tables.

Register to use AIMS

You need to register to use AIMS before you can access your information on the system. You’ll be eligible to register to access AIMS one day after your licence is reissued at a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

Your alcohol interlock usage information won’t be available for you to see in AIMS until after you have used the interlock, and had the data downloaded by your alcohol interlock service agent and sent to VicRoads after your monthly service.

Once you register, you'll have access to:

  • monthly progress summaries
  • your results for each month (pass, fail, absent)
  • a visual summary of your progress score
  • tools to help you review and contest any violations
  • download your Participant Progress Report at any time.

How to register and use AIMS

To find out how to register for AIMS and access your information, see the guide below AIMS Information User Guide [PDF 3.1 Mb]

For assistance and information about the Victorian Alcohol Interlock Program

If you are eligible to use AIMS but don't have access to a computer to monitor your progress, contact VicRoads Driver Relicensing Services by:

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