Drug-driving offences

An overview of the ways to get your driver licence back following a driving ban for a drug-driving offence.

If you are caught driving with illicit drugs in your system, you'll lose your licence, and will also need to complete a compulsory Behaviour Change Program (BCP). For specific details about the penalties that apply for a drug driving offence, refer to Drug-driving penalties.

You can be given a penalty for:

  • failing a roadside drug test
  • driving while impaired by a drug
  • refusing to undertake a roadside drug test and/or impairment test by Victoria Police.

Driver licence suspension for drug-driving

If you were issued with a Traffic Infringement Notice (TIN) for a drug-driving first offence, your licence may be suspended, not cancelled. 

Depending on when your offence was committed, you may need to complete a Behaviour Change Program (BCP) within three months or your suspended licence will be cancelled. 

You’ll receive a letter from us about your suspension and BCP requirement. 

Complete a Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program

The Behaviour Change Program (BCP) is now a requirement for anyone who's committed either a drink, drug or combined drink and drug driving offence or any other serious motor vehicle offence involving alcohol and/or drugs. The specific BCP you need to complete depends on the type of offence you committed or if you had any prior drink or drug driving offences.

You’ll be required to complete a Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program (BCP) or an Intensive Drink and Drug Driver Program (BCP). 

If you’ve completed a BCP for a prior offence, you’ll need to do another BCP for this offence. 

For more information, see Behaviour Change Program or search for your nearest BCP Provider.

Please note that there may be waiting times to attend a program.

Get a Licence Eligibility Order (LEO)

If your driver licence and/or learner permit has been cancelled because of a drug-driving offence or another drug related offence resulting in a licence cancellation or disqualification, you’ll be required to get a Licence Eligibility Order (LEO) from a Magistrates' Court.

To get a LEO, attend a Magistrates’ Court and arrange a hearing at least 28 days before your driver licence/learner permit cancellation ends. The court will fix a hearing date at least 28 days ahead, but not before your cancellation ends.

How to prepare for your court hearing

Make sure you find out what documents you need for the hearing. You may be required to have an interview with Victoria Police before the court hearing. 

The court will decide whether to issue you with a LEO.

If you’re not sure what you need to do, find out more by contacting your nearest Magistrates’ Court for further advice or visit the Magistrate's Court of Victoria webpage.

Getting your licence back

Once you’ve received your LEO from the court, you’ll need to visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre to get your driver licence or learner permit reissued. 

You’ll need to bring:

If you have not held a current Australian or overseas driver licence in the last five years or need to reissue an expired motorcycle learner permit, you will also need to be retested before your licence or learner permit is issued. Visit renew your licence or learner permit for information about what tests are required.

Licence conditions

Your ‘Z’ condition

When you get your licence reissued, it will have a ‘Z’ condition. 

The ‘Z’ stands for ‘zero BAC’ and means that you must have a zero-blood alcohol concentration whenever you drive.

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