Finding an alcohol interlock supplier

Before applying to drive again, you need to find an approved alcohol interlock supplier and have an alcohol interlock fitted to your vehicle.

Before you install the interlock

Before installing an alcohol interlock, make sure you are eligible to be relicensed and don’t have any other driving bans due to start.

VicRoads recommends that you contact all approved alcohol interlock suppliers to compare: 

  • the cost of installing, leasing and servicing an interlock
  • service arrangements and
  • the location of service agents.

Approved alcohol interlock suppliers

Each suppler has service agents throughout Victoria. The suppliers and their service agents must meet strict conditions to operation in Victoria.

You’ll need to arrange for someone else to drive you to a service agent to have the alcohol interlock fitted and to a VicRoads Customer Service Centre to have your licence reissued. 

It’s important for anyone else who may be driving the vehicle with the interlock, to come with you when you’re being given instructions on how to use the interlock correctly.

Supplier Contact
Draeger Australia(External link) 1300 780 689
Guardian Interlock Systems(External link) 1300 881 005
Smart Start(External link)

1300 256 900

How much does it cost?

Supplier charges

Each supplier charges slightly different fees, so the table below is a guide on how much it may cost you to lease an approved alcohol interlock. Fees vary depending on the type of vehicle having the alcohol interlock fitted and the period of time the interlock is fitted.

We recommend contacting each of the suppliers to compare costs. 

Your chosen supplier will charge you the following fees for each alcohol interlock you have:

Fee type Cost estimate only per vehicle Is a concession available?
Standard installation & training From $175

Yes, pay $50 less for one vehicle

Leasing & Servicing fees(see table below) From $160 per month Yes, pay $50 less per month for one vehicle
Unscheduled service(including lock out assistance) From $50


Removal From $100 No

Alcohol Interlock Program cost recovery fee

This fee is additional to the supplier charges and is collected from you by the service agent each month.

If you're in the Victorian Alcohol Interlock Program, you'll pay a monthly fee for the government cost to run the program. You'll pay this fee at your regular interlock service and is collected by your service agent and sent to VicRoads.

Fee type Fee 2023/2024 Is a concession available?
Alcohol Interlock Program Cost Recovery Fee $39.80 per month

Yes, pay $19.90 per month on one vehicle

You may be eligible for reduced fees if you hold one of the accepted concession cards:

  • Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink
  • Pensioner Concession Card or Gold Card issued by the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA).

Concessions apply to: 

  • one vehicle per person
  • the alcohol interlock installation fee and monthly service fee
  • the Alcohol Interlock Program cost recovery fee.

Please note that the concession card must:

  • be current and 
  • issued in your name as the primary card holder. 

Your concession card will need to be presented at the time of installation and at each monthly service to receive the concessions. No other concession cards are accepted.

Which concession cards are not accepted?

You are not eligible for a concession for this program if you hold one of the following cards:

  • Health Care Cards for Carer Allowance and Foster Care issued in the name of the child
  • Veterans' Affairs Gold Cards marked 'Dependant'.

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