How to install the alcohol interlock

Find out how to get an alcohol interlock installed before you get your licence back.

How to install the alcohol interlock

To get an alcohol interlock installed in your vehicle, you'll need to:

  • Find an alcohol interlock supplier that has a service agent close to your location. Arrange for someone to drive you and your vehicle to the supplier/service agent.
  • Sign a lease agreement with your interlock supplier and pay the installation fee.
  • Get your interlock service agent to sign and complete an Alcohol Interlock Installation Certificate [PDF 122 Kb] as evidence that an approved interlock has been installed.
  • Be trained by your service agent on how to use the interlock correctly and follow the instructions given. Please note: Anyone else who drives the vehicle, should also be trained on how to use the interlock and, needs to follow the instructions. 

You must use the alcohol interlock when driving to complete the Alcohol Interlock Program. As part of using the interlock, you’ll need to bring your vehicle to all scheduled services (monthly) and pay the monthly costs.

Alcohol Interlock Installation Certificate

An Alcohol Interlock Installation Certificate [PDF 122 Kb] is one of the documents you’ll need when applying to get your licence back.
When an interlock is installed, an alcohol interlock installation certificate must be completed by the installing service agent. You’ll need to include your client number which you can find on your Behaviour Change Program certificate of completion and/or any correspondence received from VicRoads.
If you don’t have any documentation with your client number on it, you’ll need to visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre and provide evidence of your identity to be given it.

Where can I get the certificate from? 

Download the Alcohol Interlock Installation Certificate [PDF 122 Kb] or pick one up from your nearest VicRoads Customer Service Centre. You can have one emailed or mailed to you by contacting Driver Relicensing Services on 1300 723 790 or email [email protected]

Your supplier’s service agent will show you how to use the interlock and provide you with all necessary instructions.

You need to know when the alcohol interlock is requesting a test and how to blow into the interlock to have the test recorded.

Always take a test requested by the alcohol interlock.

It’s important for anyone else who will be driving the vehicle to be trained on how to use the interlock. They need to know how to ensure that the interlock camera can clearly see who is driving and take all the tests requested by the interlock.

It’s important that you’re aware of the alcohol interlock program guidelines and know how to ensure that a violation is not recorded. 

Any failed BAC readings or untaken breath tests could result in a violation. A violation could mean that you haven’t met the program rules and could delay the removal of your alcohol interlock condition. 

A violation may reset your progress. This means you may have to keep driving with the alcohol interlock to collect a further five months of breath tests free of alcohol/violations to show you’ve separated drinking from driving.

Getting your licence back

Once you’ve installed the interlock, and met any other relicensing requirements, you’ll need to apply to get your licence back.

Go to Relicensing requirements to learn more.

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