Vehicle modifications

Modifications to your vehicle could help you stay mobile. 

Depending on your disability, your vehicle may need to be modified to help you drive safely.

What is a vehicle modification?

A vehicle modification is a change or addition to your vehicle. Modifications can be minor (like a grab bar, or a simple steering aid that’s attached to the steering wheel) or major (like a ramp or alternative steering/braking systems). Common vehicle modifications to help driving with a disability include:

  • steering aids 
  • left-foot accelerators
  • custom hand controls
  • extended or additional mirrors. 

Find out if you need a modification

To get your driver licence or learner permit, you might need to have an occupational therapy assessment as part of your medical review

If your medical review shows that you need modifications to your car, these will be listed on your licence or learner permit as a condition

Getting your vehicle modified

Vehicle modifications can be expensive, and they need to comply with modification and approval standards
To get your vehicle modified, you need to:

  1. Get professional advice from an occupational therapist before making any changes to your vehicle. They can advise you about which modifications to use considering your functional needs (short term and long term), the approval standards (what you can/can’t modify) and your eligibility for vehicle modification funding.
  2. Do your research and compare costs and providers – find a vehicle modification provider (External link) 
  3. Find out if you’re eligible for funding – you may be eligible for financial help through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)or compensation through WorkCover (External link) or the TAC (External link).  
  4. Get your modifications approved – for some modifications, you may need to get a VASS Approval Certificate
  5. Notify VicRoadslet us know once you’ve made changes to your vehicle.

Driving with a vehicle modification

If you have a learner permit and wish to drive a vehicle that has been modified, you need to: 

  • comply with the vehicle restriction standard rules for learner drivers 
  • get rehabilitation advice and assistance from your occupational therapist to have customised driving lessons to match your needs.

If you have a current driver licence and want to learn how to drive your modified vehicle, you need to:

  • get rehabilitation advice and assistance from your occupational therapist to have customised driving lessons to match your needs be accompanied by a fully licensed driver (who has had their licence for 2 or more years) while you’re learning. 

It’s also a good idea to display a “Driver Under Instruction” sign on your vehicle while you learn. 

Get support

Find out where you can get practical and financial support.


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