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Driving a car is a complex task which requires good vision, judgement, perception and physical abilities. Some drivers may need to have their fitness to drive assessed by VicRoads Medical Review.

VicRoads is responsible for ensuring that all drivers are fit to drive. There are many medical conditions, or combination of conditions, injuries and medical treatments that could affect a driver's ability to drive safely.

The Assessing Fitness to Drive for Commercial and Private Vehicle Drivers Standards is used by health professionals and VicRoads outlining the requirements for safe driving.

The following frequently asked questions provide helpful advice about your rights and responsibilities when VicRoads asks you to provide a medical report.

What are my obligations

You must notify VicRoads if you have or develop, a serious or chronic medical condition, disability, illness, or injury that could affect your ability to drive safely. You also must notify VicRoads if your driving could be affected by medical treatment.

If you drive with a medical condition or disability that impairs your driving, you are putting yourself and other road users at risk. Your insurance coverage could also be affected.

Why has VicRoads asked for a medical reports?

VicRoads has been provided with information that indicates your ability to drive safely is a concern. As Victoria’s Driver Licensing Authority, VicRoads has a responsibility to investigate all concerns raised. This is why you have been asked to provide a medical report from a doctor who is familiar with your medical history.

What gives VicRoads the right to ask for a medical report? 

VicRoads is responsible for making sure all driver licence/learner permit holders can drive safely. The Road Safety Act 1986 allows VicRoads to ask any driver licence/learner permit holder, including those with the authority to drive on an interstate driver licence/learner permit or overseas driver licence, to provide medical and other reports and also to test their driving skills.

I have a good driving record, why is VicRoads questioning my driving?

While your driving in the past may have been good, VicRoads has recently received information about your fitness to drive safely.

Who pays for the report?

You are responsible for the costs of all medical reports. You may contact Medicare to discuss if you can make a claim for the cost of medical consultations.

What happens if I don’t provide a medical report? 

The medical report must be completed if you want VicRoads to assess your fitness to drive. If you do not provide the medical report, VicRoads will be unable to complete the assessment and is obliged, under law, to suspend your licence.

How can I find out who reported my driving to VicRoads? 

If you were reported by police it will be stated in the letter you receive from VicRoads. If you were reported by someone else, VicRoads will not disclose their name unless they consent, or where it is required by law.

VicRoads endeavours to protect the identity of individuals who provide information in confidence.

How will my doctor assess my medical fitness to drive? 

Your doctor will assess your medical fitness to drive by referring to national medical fitness standards.

Will my driving be tested? 

VicRoads assesses each medical report on a case-by-case basis and then determines if a driving assessment is necessary. Your driving may be assessed by VicRoads or an occupational therapist.

My doctor has told me I am medically fit, so why is a driving assessment necessary? 

If VicRoads has received concerns about your driving skills, a driving assessment is necessary because your doctor can only provide an opinion about your medical fitness. Your driving skills may need to be assessed by a VicRoads or an occupational therapist.

Can VicRoads vary, suspend or cancel my licence? 

If your driving assessment shows you can drive safely, you will keep your driver licence/ learner permit. However, depending on the test results, you may have specific conditions placed on your driving. For example, you may be limited to driving in daylight hours, or only around your neighbourhood.

VicRoads will only suspend or cancel your driver licence/learner permit if you:

  • are assessed as medically unfit to drive
  • fail a driving assessment
  • do not provide the medical report
  • refuse or fail to undergo a test.

If my licence is suspended or cancelled, can I get it back?

Once VicRoads has assessed your fitness to drive, you will be sent a letter outlining the decision. If your driver licence/learner permit has been suspended or cancelled the letter will include information about the steps you need to take to reapply for your driver licence/learner permit.

Can VicRoads remove my authority to drive on my interstate driver licence/learner permit or overseas driver licence?

If your medical report and/or driving assessment shows you can drive safely, you will maintain your authority to drive on your interstate driver licence/learner permit or overseas driver licence. VicRoads will only remove your authority to drive in Victoria on your interstate driver licence/learner permit or overseas driver licence if you:

  • are assessed as medically unfit to drive
  • fail a driving assessment
  • do not provide a requested medical report
  • refuse to undertake a requested test.

Can I appeal if my licence is varied, suspended or cancelled?

If VicRoads varies, suspends or cancels your driver licence/learner permit you can appeal the decision. However, you cannot appeal if VicRoads requests you to provide a medical, or other report, or asks you to undertake a driving test.

If you do not agree with VicRoads’ decision to suspend, cancel or impose conditions on your driver licence/learner permit you may do one of the following.

Request an internal review

You can write to us and ask for an internal review of the decision within 28 days after the date on the notice of the decision, or within 28 days after the date which the decision takes effect.  

A person independent of the decision will review the decision and reply to you within 28 days.

The review process considers the relevant information that was available at the time the decision was made.  

Remember, this doesn’t include any new information that was provided to us after the decision was made.  

To request an internal review write to:

Appeal to the Magistrates Court

People who wish to pursue this option have 28 days:

  • from receipt of VicRoads notice of decision (e.g. suspension notice), or
  • when notified of the outcome of an internal review by VicRoads.

To lodge an appeal the person must:

  • give written notice of appeal to the clerk of a Magistrates' Court. The Clerk of Courts will arrange for a date for the appeal to be heard and endorse this date on the copy of the appeal notice.
  • give VicRoads a copy of this endorsed Notice of Appeal at least 14 days prior to the date the appeal is to be heard.

If the appeal is successful the learner permit or driver licence will be reinstated immediately upon presentation of the court order to VicRoads.

Can I appeal if my authority to drive on my interstate driver licence/learner permit or overseas driver licence is removed?  

There is no provision for a VicRoads internal review or for an appeal to the Magistrates’ Court of VicRoads’ decision to remove your authority to drive on your interstate driver licence/learner permit or overseas driver licence.

I no longer need my licence, what should I do?

For information on how to surrender your licence visit surrender your licence.

I only drive during the day in my local area. Can I apply for a conditional driver licence? 

Yes. You can request a conditional driver licence when you sit your driving test. VicRoads will determine what conditions will be best suited to your driving skills.

Can I access my medical records held by VicRoads?

If you want to access your medical records you will need to make a Freedom of Information (FOI) application and pay a fee. Decisions on what information will be available are made on a case-by-case basis and will be considered according to the Health Record Act 2001 and the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

Can anyone else access my records held by VicRoads?

VicRoads may provide your health information to independent bodies who advise on the medical fitness of drivers, law enforcement agencies, other road and traffic authorities, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), courts and other persons who are authorised to obtain it.

Further information about the use of your personal and/or health information, and your right to access it, see VicRoads' privacy statement.

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