How ageing can affect driving

Learn about how you can maintain driving independence as you get older. 

Ageing is an inevitable part of life. Some changes that come with ageing can cause safety issues for drivers. 

For some people, these changes can start well before the age of 75. For others, changes might not affect you until your eighties or later. 

Changes to your health

As you get older, your driving may be affected by changes in your: 

Find out how to maintain your health for safe driving

What you need to do

In Victoria, you’re allowed to drive up to any age, on the condition that you’re medically safe to drive. You’re not required to pass a licence test when you reach a certain age (e.g. 65 or 70), but as you get older it’s your responsibility to: 

  • understand how changes to your health could affect your driving
  • monitor your health for any changes 
  • notify VicRoads if you have (or develop) a medical condition or disability that could affect your driving
  • assess your driving regularly to identify possible safety issues.

In some cases, you may be required to undergo a medical review so we can assess your fitness to drive. This may happen if concerns about your ability to drive safely have been reported to VicRoads. Find out more about medical reviews

Planning for the future

The best way to optimise your driving ability is to ensure you visit your doctor regularly, manage any long term health conditions you have and check your eyesight routinely. You may need to think about reducing your driving or giving up your licence if it’s becoming unsafe or stressful. Planning ahead is the best way to stay mobile – with or without a car.

Find out more about:

Ageing and safe driving

Older drivers are more vulnerable to being injured or killed in a car crash. This is because our bodies become frailer as we age and less able to withstand the physical impact of a crash. In addition, some health conditions and physical changes are more common with aging and can have an impact on our driving ability. 

Ageing and safe driving [PDF 280Kb]

Your car and your safety

Choose the right car for you. The most important thing when buying a car is the vehicle's ability to protect its occupant as well as other road users.  In general, its best to buy the newest and largest car you are comfortable with and can afford, and to consider the safety features that are offered.

Your car and your safety [PDF 335Kb]