Information for health professionals

Learn about your responsibilities regarding patient fitness to drive and find resources to support your patients in line with the national Austroads Assessing Fitness to Drive Guidelines (AFTD).

Your role is to provide advice to patients, carers and families about the impact of health conditions and disabilities on driving, and to make recommendations for management and monitoring.  This should be part of the overall diagnosis and management of a person as guidance is required to enhance self monitoring and understanding the impacts of treatment. 

The primary aim of assessing fitness to drive is to assist drivers with medical conditions or disabilities to continue to drive safely, independently and legally, and to identify if driver and/or public safety may be compromised. The VicRoads Medical Review process provides a mechanism for assessment and decision making about licensing and for facilitating ongoing review if required.  It aims to optimise driver mobility and capacity to drive in conditions that suit driver capabilities providing they are safe to do so.

Helping your patients understand the medical review process

Find out about the medical review process and how we assess fitness to drive.