Completing a medical or eyesight fitness to drive report for VicRoads

Made easy with the online report.

An online medical report is available to help health professionals complete patient fitness to drive assessments facilitating a quick, easy and secure way to submit your paperwork.

There are two versions available within the online form:

  • Medical report for general practitioners and medical specialists, including psychiatrists
  • Eyesight report for ophthalmologists and optometrists

All medical assessments undertaken for the purpose of determining fitness to drive must be conducted in accordance with the current edition of the national driver medical standards which are updated regularly.  You can access the 2022 Assessing Fitness to Drive guidelines from the Austroads website or by clicking here Austroads Assessing Fitness to Drive (AFTD) (External link)

To complete a medical or eyesight report online, use this link or type the following into your browser: (External link)

For easy access to the online medical report, save the link as a favourite on your web browser.  

The online medical report includes many features: 

  • Intuitive: Can be tailored to select only fields relevant to your patient. If your patient is referred by VicRoads some patient details and previously advised medical details are pre-populated. 
  • Compliant: Is a 'smart' report that includes hyperlinks to the national 2022 Austroads 'Assessing Fitness to Drive' (AFTD) standards which are updated regularly.
  • Easy: Allows you to save a draft (for 60 days) to submit later. Also to download or print a PDF copy of the final report after submitting. Once submitted a reference number is automatically generated for your patients’ easy follow up with VicRoads. 
  • Secure and time efficient: Allows you to submit reports and attachments securely, with no paperwork and no incomplete, late or lost reports. 
  • Customised: An individual practitioner 'Home Page' enables you to access all your saved drafts and completed patient reports from the previous two years.


1. Select the appropriate form 
     a. Medical report - for general practitioners and medical specialists, including psychiatrists
     b. Eyesight report -for ophthalmologists and optometrists 

2. AHPRA authentication 
Your AHPRA number and date of birth (not stored) are required so we can confirm you are a registered health professional. Your registration number includes 3 letters and 10 numbers, and should be no more than 13 characters (ie. XXX8888888888).

3. Health Professional details 
You will be required to complete this section the first time you use the form. The system will remember your details and you can edit details at a later stage.

4. Patient details 
If your patient is referred by VicRoads please include VicRoads case number, and your patient’s reference or licence number (located on top left corner of VicRoads letter sent to patient). This matches the report to the correct driver record and pre-populates the form with customer information already known to VicRoads. If you are initiating the fitness to drive assessment or you do not have the patient’s VicRoads letter/details, check the box to advise and complete the patient details manually. 

5. Assessment 
Please apply the 2022 national Austroads Assessing Fitness to Drive (AFTD) guidelines to your decision making in the patient’s assessment section. These standards are updated regularly.

6. Recommendation
Complete this mandatory section with your recommendation about the patient’s fitness to drive.

7. Submit the report
Once you have reviewed the information you can submit the assessment. You will be notified that the assessment has been submitted and a reference number will be automatically generated. It’s important that the reference number and/or a PDF copy of the medical assessment report be provided to your patient as this is their reassurance that they have fulfilled their obligations and can be used for any follow up with VicRoads. 

The fitness to drive process aims to support you in fulfilling your duty of care and public health responsibilities when it comes to managing your patients’ fitness to drive. The same responsibilities apply whether you submit the online medical report or choose to fill in a paper medical report. 

Learn more about your responsibilities regarding patient fitness to drive and find resources to support your patients in line with the national Austroads Assessing Fitness to Drive Guidelines (AFTD) on the Information for Health Professionals


If you are unable to access the online medical report, you can use a paper form.  

The paper forms can be emailed to [email protected], faxed to (03) 9854 2307 or posted to  P O BOX 2504, KEW 3101 (NB: VicRoads prefers to receive an online report to ensure fast and secure receipt of the report.) 

Note: please allow two weeks delivery time if report submitted by mail.

Help is here, find more information at common queries and tips for health professional completing the online form 

Still need help?

VicRoads is available to support you with any issues or difficulties accessing or using the online medical report.  

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