Medical forms and fact sheets

Here's a list of important forms and fact sheets for medical practitioners and patients.


for health practitioners to complete

Fact sheets for patients

that describe the medical review process, how common conditions impact driving and how on-road tests are conducted


Older road user factsheets

Ageing and safe driving

Older drivers are more vulnerable to being injured or killed in a car crash. This is because our bodies become frailer as we age and less able to withstand the physical impact of a crash. In addition, some health conditions and physical changes are more common with aging and can have an impact on our driving ability. 

Aging and safe driving [PDF 280Kb]

Retiring from driving

Eventually we will all need to stop driving. The ideal approach to retiring from driving is to gradually transition from regular driving, to using alternative transport options. 

Retiring from driving [PDF 565Kb]

Your car and your safety

Choose the right car for you. The most important thing when buying a car is the vehicle's ability to protect its occupant as well as other road users.  In general, its best to buy the newest and largest car you are comfortable with and can afford, and to consider the safety features that are offered.

Your car and your safety [PDF 335Kb]

Your health and driving

Many health problems occur gradually, and can be difficult to notice. It is important to have regular check-ups with your doctor to help keep track of your health and identify any issues which might have an impact on your driving. 

Your health and driving [PDF 517Kb]