Worried about someone's driving?

Help your loved ones stay safe and independent as they get older. 

Driving is a privilege, which brings responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to ensure that you are capable of driving safely.

Ask your doctor for advice about the effect that any illness, disability or medical condition may have on your ability to drive safely, including any medicines you may be taking.

Failure to report a medical condition or disability may put your life and the lives of others at risk, and may also jeopardise your insurance cover.

Self reporting

To report a serious, permanent or long-term illness, disability, medical condition or injury to VicRoads, complete a medical report [PDF 121 Kb] with your doctor and forward it to:

Email[email protected]  

Post*: VicRoads Medical Review, PO Box 2504, Kew VIC 3101
*Please allow up to 10 days for correspondence to be received by post.

Fax. 9854 2307

Driver responsibilities

Each driver has a responsibility to:

  • remind health professionals (doctors, specialists, eye doctors and pharmacists) that they drive
  • ask if any medical condition may affect the ability to drive safely and if it should be reported to VicRoads
  • ask if any medicine being taken could affect their ability to drive safely. A pharmacist can advise how any new medicine can interact with others being taken
  • ask if alternative medical treatments might improve their driving safety
  • monitor their medical condition for changes
  • some short term health conditions or medical treatments (e.g. medications, eye drops for screening tests, anaesthesia ) may be associated with side effects and/or alter your capacity to drive safely.  Always check with your doctor about whether you should stop driving and for how long.

If any driver has a serious, permanent or long-term illness, disability, medical condition or injury, or an existing condition that deteriorates, they must:

  • talk to a doctor about how it might affect their driving
  • contact VicRoads to report their condition
  • send VicRoads a medical report from a doctor who knows their medical history


Many drivers, especially older drivers, self-regulate their driving by choosing when and where to drive. However, some may chose to ignore the warning signs and continue driving when they are a road safety risk. People who suffer from dementia or conditions that affect clear thinking may not be able to make a judgment about safe driving.

If this situation occurs and you are genuinely concerned about someone’s ability to drive safely, family and friends should seriously consider making a report to VicRoads. Under Victorian law, we must investigate this information. You can remain anonymous.

People making a report in good faith are protected from legal action and VicRoads will not divulge the identity of people who make a report without their consent (unless it is required by law).

Your report should contain:

  • full name of the driver you have concerns about
  • the drivers date of birth
  • the drivers residential address (including postcode)
  • the reasons for your concern

It will also help if you can provide a driver licence number; however, this is not mandatory.

Once you have provided us with this information, the Medical Review team will follow up your concerns.

Reports can be sent to:

Email: [email protected]

Post*: VicRoads Medical Review, PO Box 2504, Kew VIC 3101

*Please allow up to 10 days for correspondence to be received via post.

Fax no. 9854 2307

VicRoads relies on both self-reports from drivers, and reports from relatives, police, health professionals and other members of the public about drivers who may be a road safety risk.

Reporting a driver with a medical condition

Anyone can make a report of a potentially at-risk driver.

Signs that a driver may be an at-risk driver include:

  • failing to observe traffic lights, Stop signs, Give Way signs and roundabout signs
  • failing to drive within a single lane
  • failing to use indicators
  • slowing or stopping without reason in a traffic lane.

If you notice these signs, you can notify Victoria Police (External link)with the following information:

  • registration number of the vehicle
  • the driver (gender and approximate age, etc)
  • date, time, place and description of the observed behaviour.

Once a report is made the Police will investigate, and they might notify VicRoads about the driver if they’re concerned.

Reporting high-risk or anti social behaviour

VicRoads is not able to accept a report of a driver engaging in high-risk or anti-social behaviour. Visit the Crime Stoppers website (External link)or call their Hoon Hotline on 1800 333 000.

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