Driving a tractor

Find out if you’re eligible to drive a tractor in Victoria.

Licence type Eligibility to drive a tractor
Car learner permit

You can drive a tractor of any size or a tractor that is towing a trailer of any size and the tractor is being used in connection with:

  • agricultural
  • horticultural
  • dairying
  • pastoral (or other like pursuits), or
  • commercial fishing

L plates are not required to be displayed.

Car licence

You can drive a tractor of any size or a tractor that is towing a trailer of any size.

If you have a licence restricted to automatic transmission vehicles, this restriction does not apply when driving a tractor.

Probationary licence holders are not required to display P plates.

Motorcycle learner permit, or
motorcycle licence
Cannot drive a tractor

Interstate driver licence holders

If you hold an interstate car learner permit, or car driver licence, or 'tractor permit' you can drive a tractor in Victoria under the same restrictions as Victorian driver licence and learner permit holders, until you have lived in Victoria for 3 months. After this time you must apply for a Victorian car driver licence or car learner permit if you wish to continue to drive a tractor. See the Get your Ls page for more information.


  • If you are using the tractor on a highway, normal traffic and vehicle regulations and requirements apply.
  • If operating the tractor on private property closed to public access, a car learner permit or car driver licence is not required.
  • Use of a tractor is restricted to the defined activities outlined in ‘Requirements to drive a tractor’ above.

Definition of a tractor

Under the Road Safety Act 1986 a tractor is defined as any motor vehicle or class of motor vehicles declared to be a tractor by Order of the Governor in Council published in the Government Gazette.

Other Victorian legislation defining a tractor includes the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007. This defines a tractor as 'a powered vehicle primarily designed to haul and provide power for agricultural or horticultural machinery or implements by way of a power take-off rotating shaft or other mechanical means, but does not include earthmoving machinery or a passenger vehicle'.

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