The motorcycle graduated licensing system

The final stage of the motorcycle Graduated Licensing System (GLS) is now complete.

The key changes involving the GLS were:

  • Any motorcycle learner permit or licence that was issued on or after 1 October 2014 is subject to some new safety restrictions
  • New training requirements have been introduced to provide new riders with the most effective level of training and experience for on-road riding.

How do the changes affect me?

If you're a new rider you'll need to attend and pass a two-day course before you get your learner permit. The course includes off-road training and an on-road assessment, in addition to the existing motorcycle knowledge test. You'll need to contact a training and testing provider to book your course. 

If you get your motorcycle learner permit on or after 2 April 2016, you'll need to complete an on-road practical skills check (also known as a Check Ride) before you can book in for your motorcycle licence assessment. We recommend booking your Check Ride after you’ve done a bit of riding so you can get the most out of the training. You’ll need to complete it at least one month before you want to go for your licence. 

Previous interstate or overseas motorcycle licence holders are not required to complete the Check Ride.

How does this affect my current motorcycle learner permit or licence?

If you already have a current motorcycle licence, you won't be affected by these changes.

If you've booked in for a learner permit or licence assessment on or after 2 April 2016 you'll need to meet these new requirements.

Graduated licensing systems

Graduated licensing systems around the world have shown that a systematic process of phasing in driving privileges reduces the number of crashes among young novice drivers. It’s a system which delays getting a full licence by giving beginners the opportunity to gain experience and acquire critical driving skills under low risk conditions.

Discussion paper

We’ve worked with our road safety partners to discuss our options and help create new policy recommendations for the Motorcycle Graduated Licensing System. In 2010, we released Graduated Licensing for Motorcyclists - A Discussion Paper [PDF 1.8 Mb] for public consultation.

Victoria's Road Safety Action Plan

As a result of this work, the Victoria’s Road Safety Action Plan 2013-2016 (External link) (released in 2013) included a commitment to introduce a graduated licensing system for motorcyclists to help beginners develop critical riding skills under safe conditions.

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