Motorist Package & Safe Driver Discount Program

Learn more about how the Victorian Government is helping to reduce financial barriers with incentives for new drivers and reward all Victorians for safe driving habits when renewing their licence.

From mid-August 2022, Victorian drivers will benefit from a new motorist package to reduce licensing costs, reward safe behaviour behind the wheel and boost the state’s COVID-19 economic recovery by connecting more people with work, education and essential goods and services. This package intends to alleviate the rising cost of living pressures for families by putting money back in the pockets of Victorians.

The following fees will be waived for all new Victorian drivers:

  • Car and motorcycle permit issue fee 
  • Probationary car licence fee 
  • The Learner Permit Test Online course fee
  • The Hazard Perception Test Online fee 

These savings will be available to Victorian learners and probationary drivers from mid-August 2022. In-person learner permit and licence testing and appointment fees will remain.

Refer to the table below for a summary of changes.

The Safe Driver Discount program

Full licence holders (car, motorcycle, and heavy vehicle) who haven't incurred demerit points or committed other road safety offences for three years prior to their licence renewal will receive a 25 per cent discount on their next renewal as part of the Safe Driver Discount program.

The Safe Driver Discount program aims to reward good driving behaviour to those who demonstrate safe driving behaviours behind the wheel. The program will be introduced in late 2022. The Victorian Government is committed to improving road safety for all Victorians.

A summary of the fees waived under the Motorist Package

  Learner Permit Test Online Learner Permit Test In-person Probationary licence
Eligibility Car Car, motorcycle Car only
Fees waived
  • Learner Permit Test Online - $25.40
  • Learner Permit issue fee - $26
  • Learner Permit issue fee (car/motorcycle) - $26 
  • Hazard Perception Test Online - $19.40
  • Probationary licence issue fee - $85.50-$113.90
Fees still applicable
  • Appointment fee (overseas licence holders) - $19.60* 
  • Appointment fee – $19.60
  • Learner Permit Test In-person test fee - $25.40
  • Motorcycle learner test fee (individual training providers) 
  • Appointment fee – $19.60
  • In-person test fee - $19.40
  • Drive Test fee - $47.10
  • Drive Test appointment fee - $19.60

*Overseas licence holders only who have completed the Learner Permit Test Online who require a licence verification appointment and need to have their permit card issued.

Free Licence Scheme

Under an existing initiative, probationary car drivers who are under 25 years (when their probationary period ends) can receive a free 3-year full driver licence, if a good driving record is maintained throughout their entire 3- or 4-year probationary period (based on the criteria).

See Free Licence Scheme to learn more.

When will these costs savings be available to Victorians?

These savings will be available to Victorian learners and drivers from mid-August 2022.

How much will new learner drivers save under this package?

The permit issue fee for all new car and motorcycle learner permits will be waived as part of this new funding package, saving aspiring drivers and riders $26.00. 

The online Learner Permit Test and Hazard Perception Tests will also be free on the first attempt, with a saving between $19.40 and $25.40. 

What cost savings are available to people looking to get their Victorian probationary licence?

Probationary car licences issue fees will be waived for all new Victorian drivers, with a saving of $85.50 for a three-year P2 probationary licence, and $113.90 for four-year P1 probationary licences. 

Are there any benefits for Victorian drivers who already have their licence?

Full licence holders (Car, motorcycle and heavy vehicle) will also benefit from the Safe Driver Program that will see drivers who have not incurred demerit points or committed road safety offences in the previous three years, offered a 25% discount off their next licence renewal. 

This currently equates to around $21 on a three-year licence (full cost of $85.50) and about $73 on a 10-year licence (full cost of $292.80). The program will be introduced in late 2022.

What is the Safe Driver Discount Program?

Road safety isn't just about penalising it’s also about properly rewarding those who do the right thing. The Safe Driver Discount program rewards drivers who have demonstrated good driving behaviour on our roads. 

Are the in-person test and appointment fees also waived?

No. Fees for the Learner Permit Test In-person (LPTI), Hazard Perception Test In-person (HPTI), Drive Test and appointment fees remain in place.

See driver licence and learner permit fees 

Where can I learn more about the online tests? 

To learn more about our online tests see The Learner Permit Test Online or The Hazard Perception Test.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

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