Defence Force personnel

If you’re a Defence Force member and want to drive in Victoria, your responsibilities and the actions you need to take are outlined below.

Defence Force personnel

A member of the Defence Force is a person who is on:

  • full-time permanent service with the Australian Defence Force; or 
  • full-time duty with the Australian Defence Force Reserve

Holder of a civilian interstate driver licence or learner permit

If you’re a serving member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) or ADF Reserve, you don’t need to convert your interstate driver licence or learner permit, as long as its current and you have a valid ADF identification. 

This also applies to you if you’re a spouse or family member of an ADF member, as long as you: 

  • live with the ADF member and
  • are eligible to be transferred with them at the expense of the ADF.

If your interstate driver licence or learner permit expires, you must change over to a Victorian driver licence. Fees will apply.

ADF licences

If you have an ADF licence, you can only drive ADF vehicles that are specified on this driver licence on Victorian roads. 

You cannot drive other vehicles that are not specified on this driver licence on Victorian roads.

If you hold a current, unrestricted Australian Defence Force driver licence, a Victorian driver licence can be issued to you providing you do not hold a current interstate driver licence. If you hold a current interstate driver licence, go to Interstate and New Zealand drivers to find out how to get a Victorian driver licence.

To get a Victorian driver licence, your ADF licence must be: 

  • current (or expired by less than five years) and 
  • unrestricted (an ADF licence that’s restricted to ‘base only’ can’t be converted to a Victorian driver licence). 

You will need to book an appointment to visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre. Make an appointment by:

* A card payment fee (External link) applies 

You will need verification of your ADF licence. This is completed by submitting an application to the ADF Chief Driving Instructor, who will email the verification to the VicRoads Customer Service Centre where you have booked your appointment. 

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • an ADF driver licence with a photo
  • ADF identification
  • evidence of identity
  • glasses or contact lenses (if you need them to drive)
  • a completed licence application form
  • the licence fee.

If you're an overseas Defence Force personnel and you want to use your civilian overseas driver licence in Victoria, please refer to the overseas drivers page for information about driving in Victoria.

An Exchange Duty Officer is someone who’s on exchange with the Australian Defence Forces and is:

  • a member of any overseas Defence Force, or
  • a dependant of a member of any overseas Defence Force

Exchange duty officers can be issued with a Victorian driver licence and/or learner permit, providing the appropriate evidence of identity documents is provided and the appropriate licence fee is paid.

You must also provide a letter of verification and authority by a commanding officer of the Australian Defence Force.

Conversions to a Victorian driver licence will only be completed by appointment at a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

To make an appointment you can:

* A card payment fee applies

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