Using your overseas driver licence or permit in Victoria

Use our online tool to work out the date by which you need to convert to a Victorian licence, the type of tests you may be required to take and the type of licence you’ll get.

Learn more about driving on your overseas licence and tests at Driving on your overseas licence.

You'll need to convert your overseas licence or permit to a Victorian licence.

The type of licence or permit you'll get as well as the tests and appointments you'll need to take depend on:

  1. Which country your licence or permit was issued
  2. How old you are 
  3. How long you've had your licence for (this doesn't include your learner permit) 

Convert my overseas drivers licence or permit 

You won’t need to convert your overseas driver licence or permit.

You can drive using your overseas licence or overseas learner permit to drive in Victoria. It's important to remember that all the road rules and laws apply to you. 

You should also keep in mind that:

  • Your overseas licence needs to be current and valid
  • If your overseas licence is in a language other than English, you’ll also need to carry an English translation or international driving permit whenever you drive.

You can use an international driving permit as long as it's:

To drive using your overseas learner permit, you must have a supervising driver seated beside you when driving. Your supervised driver must have a current and full licence for the type of vehicle you’re driving.

If you hold an overseas heavy vehicle licence go to How to get a heavy vehicle licence.

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