myLearners FAQs

Learning to drive can be exciting. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to assist you in using the myLearners app.

What is required to use myLearners?

Both learner and supervisor will need a myVicroads account, which you can sign up for here.

How do I invite a supervisor or learner to use myLearners?

You can invite a learner or supervisor from within the app. To invite your first supervisor or learner, open the supervisor or learners tab and press the large green ‘Invite a supervisor’ or ‘Invite a learner’ button.

You will be asked to enter their email address – make sure you add the same email address they’ve used to create their myVicRoads account.  Once you’ve sent an invitation, they'll receive an email, and if they’ve already downloaded the app they'll be able to respond to the invite within the app.

To add additional learner drivers or supervisors, open the supervisors or learners tab, and tap on the plus button in the top right corner, and enter their email to send them an invite.

How can I respond to an invitation in the app?

Open your myLearners app, and your invite will appear in your invitations tab under the ‘Received’ heading. 

You can accept the invitation by tapping on the green tick, or decline by tapping on the red cross. If you accidentally decline the invitation, the person who sent it to you will need to send you another one.

How do I start a drive?

Before you head out on your first drive, you need to be paired up on the app with a supervisor. Send an invite to your supervisor on the supervisor tab, or alternatively a supervisor can invite you.

Once you’ve paired up, you will be able to open the app and tap on ‘Start Drive’. Make sure you put your phone away before you start driving. 
Once you have completed your drive, retrieve your phone and tap ‘Stop Drive’ and input all of the weather and road type details that are relevant to the trip you have just taken.

How can a Supervisor view and approve trips taken with their learner driver?

All drive trips can be viewed and approved via the app or by logging in to your myVicRoads account.  

On the app, tap on the "drives" button at the bottom of the app, and you’ll see a list of all the verified and unverified trips.

To verify trips via myVicRoads, login to your account and click on the myLearners button under ‘Programs’. You will then see a list of all the verified and unverified trips.

Can a drive be amended once submitted?

No.  Once a drive has been submitted to a supervising driver for approval the driving conditions cannot be amended. 

Does the app use data/internet?  

The app only requires data/internet when you:

  • log in to the app for the first time
  • invite a supervisor 
  • accept a supervisor’s invitation 
  • need a drive to be approved.

What if I lose network coverage during my drive?

myLearners is designed to operate without internet connectivity, or with intermittent connectivity.  As long as you have logged in, set a PIN and have at least one supervisor, you'll be able to record drives.  If you lose internet connection, myLearners will continue to record and save your drives on your device in offline mode.  Once you re-establish an internet connection (either via WiFi or your phone network), it will synchronise your drives with VicRoads' system.  Please note that if your device is lost or damaged while in offline mode, any drives which haven't been synchronised will be lost.  Also, you can only remain in offline mode for 14 days without synchronising before those drives will be lost. 

Can I have multiple supervisors?

The app allows you to have unlimited supervisors. Please note supervisors must have their full Victorian drivers licence and a myVicRoads account. 

What email address can be used?

Learners and supervisors need their own email address to create a myVicroads account. 

I need to access my phone to use the app but it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving.

It is illegal for learner drivers to use a mobile phone (hand-held or hands free) for any function while driving (including while stationary but not parked). Learners should start and finish their drive through the app with the vehicle turned off or in park.

Where can I get more information?

For more information, visit the myLearners website

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