Restrictions on learner drivers

Find out what restrictions apply to you while you’re learning to drive.

When driving with a learner permit, you need to follow all road laws and rules. You also need to: 

  • Carry your learner permit or receipt every time you drive.
  • Make sure your L plates can be seen, from at least 20 metres away, on the front and back of your vehicle.
  • Drive with a supervising driver who has a full and current licence*.
  • Have a zero Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) at all times when you drive.
  • Not use a mobile phone, hands free or any other hand-held device when driving.
  • Not tow a trailer, caravan or another vehicle.

*It is an offence for the holder of a learner permit to drive without an appropriate supervising driver. If you’re caught driving unsupervised, penalties apply and it’s also possible that the vehicle you’re driving may be impounded.

An 'appropriate supervising driver' is a person who:

  • Holds a current, full (not probationary) Australian or overseas driver licence that authorises the person to drive the type of vehicle that is being driving by the learner.

How long do I need to have my Ls before I can go for my Ps?

Before you can go for your Ps, you’ll need to have your learner permit for a minimum continuous period.

The length of your ‘holding time’ is a licence requirement and will depend on your age.

Go to ‘How to get your Ps’ to learn more.

What speed am I allowed to drive at?

There is no set speed limit driving on your Ls, but you should always drive within the speed limit and at a speed that’s safe for the area you’re in.

Can I have any passengers on my Ls?

When learning to drive we recommend you only have your supervising driver with you, until you get more practice. When you both agree you’re ready, you can start to practise with passengers if they’re not distracting you from driving.

How long can a practice drive be?

When learning to drive, it’s good to practice no more than 2 hours and remember to take lots of breaks.

For supervising drivers

To help your learner get 120 hours of driving go to: 

Learn more about who can be a supervising driver.

Other types of licence restrictions

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