Free Licence Scheme

Rewarding our most responsible young drivers with a free three-year licence.

The Free Licence Scheme rewards young drivers who maintain a good driving record while on their Ps.

From 16 December 2015, young Victorian drivers (under 25 years old) with no traffic-related offences could be eligible for a free three-year driver licence.

Am I eligible?

You’re eligible for a free three-year licence if:

  • you got your P1 licence before you turned 21
  • your probationary licence expires on or after 1 February 2016
  • you’re under 25 when your probationary licence expires
  • you’ve held a Victorian probationary licence for four years (with a P1 for 12 months and P2 for three years)
  • you haven't incurred demerit points
  • you haven’t committed any traffic-related offences (see below for details).

If your licence expiry date was extended for non-driving related reasons, you might still be eligible. These reasons include:

  • a medical review
  • a Sheriff’s Office sanction
  • a court conviction for a non-driving related offence (i.e. Community Sentencing Reform).  

For more details, call us on 13 11 71.

How can I get my free licence?

If you’re eligible for a free licence when your Victorian probationary licence is due for renewal (from 16 December 2015), you’ll receive your free three-year licence renewal notice in the post. 

Once you get your notice, you’ll need to call us on 1300 414 182 or visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre. Once you’ve done this we’ll send you your free licence card. 

You’re not eligible for the Free Licence Scheme if you’ve committed any of the following offences:

  • demerit point offences
  • drink driving
  • drug driving
  • speed offences
  • seat belt/occupant and restraint offences
  • unlicensed, unauthorised and disqualified driving
  • traffic offences causing death or injury (Crimes Act)
  • hit-and-run or accident-related offences
  • dangerous and reckless driving offences
  • fail to obey traffic signs/signals and roundabout offences
  • breach of novice driver/rider conditions
  • fatigue management offences
  • miscellaneous safety-related offences
  • commercial driver offences
  • disobeying police
  • unregistered vehicle use.

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