Free Licence Scheme

The free licence scheme rewards young drivers who maintain a good driving record while on their probationary licence. If you've maintained a good driving record on your Ps, you may be eligible to apply for a free 3 year driver licence. Find out more below.

Am I eligible for a free licence?

You’re eligible for a free 3 year licence if:

  • you'll be under 25 when your probationary licence expires
  • you’ve had a Victorian probationary licence for 4 years (with a P1 for 12 months and P2 for 3 years)
  • you have a clean driving record (you haven’t incurred any traffic related offences while on your Ps) 

You may still be eligible to apply if your licence was suspended due to:

  • medical reasons
  • a Fines Victoria (External link) licence suspension
  • a court conviction for a non-driving related offence (i.e. Community Sentencing Reform). 

For more information, call 13 11 71.

How do I apply for a free licence?

Check that your postal address on our records is up to date. When you’re due to graduate to your full licence, we’ll send you a free 3 year licence renewal application form in the mail.

The easiest way to confirm your personal details are correct is by logging into your myVicRoads account and submitting the Free licence application form. 

You wont be eligible to apply for a free licence if you’ve committed any of the following offences:

  • demerit point offences
  • drink driving
  • drug driving
  • speed offences
  • seat belt/occupant and restraint offences
  • unlicensed, unauthorised and disqualified driving
  • traffic offences causing death or injury (Crimes Act)
  • hit-and-run or accident-related offences
  • dangerous and reckless driving offences
  • fail to obey traffic signs/signals and roundabout offences
  • breach of novice driver/rider conditions
  • fatigue management offences
  • miscellaneous safety-related offences
  • commercial driver offences
  • disobeying police
  • unregistered vehicle use.

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