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Learn more about what vehicles you can and can’t drive while on your Ps.

Probationary vehicle database

Definition of probationary prohibited vehicle

A vehicle is probationary prohibited if it has: 

  • a power to mass ratio of greater than 130 kilowatts per tonne, or 
  • an engine that has been modified to increase performance (other than a modification made by the manufacturer during the vehicle’s manufacture), or 
  • been declared as probationary prohibited in the Victorian Government Gazette. 
This applies to all vehicles, including those that have club permits.

Vehicles that were not prohibited prior to 29 October 2019 but now are, can still be driven by a probationary licence holder providing the person was issued with their licence prior to 29 October 2019.


A person who holds a probationary licence can drive a Probationary Prohibited Vehicle if a person who holds a full driver licence is sitting beside the probationary driver and is supervising the driver.

You may be eligible for an exemption if the probationary prohibited vehicle restriction would cause you undue hardship. 

Find out if you are eligible at Exemptions to drive a prohibited vehicle.

Overseas licence holders 

If you have a current overseas probationary licence, you are not bound by these rules. You can drive any vehicle as long as you are using your current overseas driver licence. 

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