Exemptions to drive a probationary prohibited vehicle

Find out what exemptions are available to drive probationary prohibited vehicle (PPV) while on your Ps.

VicRoads can exempt you from the PPV restriction if you can prove that the restriction would cause you undue hardship because of your essential activities, occupation, employment or family circumstances.

When processing an application, we consider: 

  • the effect on safe, efficient and equitable road use in Victoria, and
  • your driving history

What documentation do I provide?

To support your application, you can provide:
  • education: a letter from an educational institution or course coordinator verifying your student status, dates and times of your attendance
  • employment: a letter from your employer verifying your employment
  • family circumstances: a letter from a relevant authority (medical practitioner, parish priest etc) describing the impact on your family.

How do I apply for an exemption?

We’ll contact you within 15 days of receiving your paperwork.

We’ll notify you in writing the outcome of your application.

In some circumstances, probationary drivers are automatically exempted from the PPV restriction (meaning they can drive a prohibited vehicle without needing to apply to VicRoads for an exemption). 

In these circumstances, they need to provide adequate proof to Victoria Police (or any other enforcement agency) if requested. 

A probationary driver can drive a PPV if they're: 

  • driving in the course of their employment, and at their employer’s request, or 
  • self-employed and have an ABN, or 
  • driving with a person who holds a full driver licence sitting beside them and is supervising the driver or
  • a police officer who, in the course of duty, is driving a probationary prohibited vehicle; or
  • a person who is driving a probationary prohibited vehicle that is also a heavy vehicle if— 
    (i) that person does not hold a driver licence that authorises the holder to drive that motor vehicle; and 
    (ii) the person is the holder of a driver licence of another category; and 
    (iii) a person who holds an Australian driver licence which is appropriate for the category of vehicle that is being driven is sitting beside the driver and is supervising the driver; and 
    (iv) there is a driver under instruction plate affixed to, and facing out from, the front and rear of the vehicle.

A person is not permitted to drive the vehicle at any time for social reasons or reasons unrelated to work.

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