Prohibited vehicles FAQs

If you are a P1 or P2 probationary licence holder and have a question about prohibited vehicles, check these frequently asked questions first.

What is a probationary prohibited vehicle (PPV)?

Visit prohibited vehicles for P plate drivers for detailed information about how a probationary prohibited vehicle is defined.

How can I be exempted from this restriction? 

VicRoads may be able to give you an exemption that allows you to drive a specific PPV if the restriction would cause you undue hardship. Visit ‘Exemptions to drive a prohibited vehicle’ to find out more. 

My car wasn’t a PPV prior to 29 October 2019, but it now is, does this mean I can’t use my car anymore? 

If you got your Ps before 29 October 2019, you can still drive any vehicle that you were previously allowed to drive.

How can I find out whether or not I can drive a specific vehicle?

Search the probationary vehicles database for a specific make, model and variant to find out whether or not it’s a PPV. 

Can probationary licence holders drive an ‘Approved’ probationary vehicle that has had its engine modified?

No, probationary drivers cannot drive a vehicle that has an engine that has been modified to increase the vehicle's performance (other than a modification made by the manufacturer in the course of the manufacture of the vehicle).

Can probationary licence holders drive imported vehicles?

Yes—as long as the vehicle isn’t considered probationary prohibited. 

I am unsure of the exact model and/or variant of the vehicle I wish to purchase/drive. What should I do?

You must be able to accurately identify the vehicle as the probationary vehicle status will apply to the exact make, model and variant. If you are unsure, you should speak to a friend or family member who has a good knowledge of vehicles, a mechanic or a car dealer.

The vehicle I wish to purchase/drive is not listed on the website. Is it a PPV?

VicRoads has sourced all vehicle data contained on this webpage from Red Book in an effort to provide the probationary vehicle status of as many vehicles as possible. VicRoads is unable to provide a probationary vehicle status for used imported vehicles and some pre-1983 vehicles due to the availability of data. 

If a vehicle is not listed on this webpage, visit prohibited vehicles for P plate drivers to find the definitions of a probationary prohibited vehicle to determine if the vehicle is a probationary prohibited vehicle.

How do I calculate power to mass ratio for a vehicle? 

Power to Mass ratio is calculated using the following formula:

The 130 kilowatt per tonne limit should be considered as follows: 

  • 129 kilowatts per tonne – not restricted (approved) 
  • 130 kilowatts per tonne – not restricted (approved)
  • 131 kilowatts per tonne - restricted (banned) 

How do I apply for an exemption? 

Visit exemptions to drive a probationary prohibited vehicle for more information.

Can I drive a vehicle that has an ‘Application Required’ status before I receive a reply from VicRoads? 

No. You can’t drive the vehicle until VicRoads has told you in writing that your application has been approved. 

Can I submit an application form while I am a holder of a Learner Permit? 

No. Probationary prohibited restrictions don’t apply to learner drivers, so an application form isn’t required. 

Are there any restrictions for learner permit holders?

No, there are no prohibited vehicles for learner permit holders.

Are there any restrictions for motorcycles? 

Yes, there are restrictions under the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS).

Can I drive a probationary prohibited vehicle on the club permit scheme? 

No. A vehicle that’s probationary prohibited cannot be driven by someone on their Ps, even if the vehicle has a club permit.  

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