Proposed Speed Limit Reduction: Point Nepean Road, Blairgowrie

28 March 2017

We're seeking community feedback from people in the Blairgowrie and Rye areas, who travel on Point Nepean Road.

“We’re proposing to reduce the speed from 70k/h to 60k/h between Hughes Road and Elgan Avenue” said VicRoads Director of Transport and Planning, Savoula Lidis. 

More than 10,000 vehicles a day use this 4.9km stretch of road. 

In the past five years there have been 11 casualty crashes where emergency services have had to attend, in total 46 people were involved in these accidents including 5 people aged 18 or younger. 

“We believe a lower speed limit, of 60k/h, may assist in reducing the risk and severity of accidents and serious injuries  in this area, and provide a more consistent journey along Point Nepean Road, as it has in other locations” said Ms Lidis. 

“The risk of involvement in an accident doubles with each 5km/h increase, when travelling above 60km/h, and reducing speeds by 5km/h can result in a 15% decrease in crashes”.

 “It will reduce the number of speed changes, to make your driving experience easier” , Ms Lidis said.

The map below shows the length of the road where the speed reduction are being investigated. This is the only section of Point Nepean Road which remains at 70km/h.

Point Nepean - Blairgowrie speed limit

View  a larger version of the Point Nepean, Blairgowrie map

The survey asks questions about this section of Point Nepean Road, including how people travel on it, how often they travel along it, and why. 

The community can provide feedback via our survey (External link).  The survey opens on 20 March and closes on 3 April.

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