Updated VicRoads Tree Policy

20 January 2017

VicRoads has updated its Tree Policy, providing guiding principles for consideration of tree retention or new tree planting in road reserves.

VicRoads Director Integration Services, Andrew Wall said the updated policy continues to encourage planting trees in lower speed environments where the impact to road safety will be small and where there is no direct impact to vehicle movement.

“VicRoads supports making Victoria a healthier, greener community and we want to encourage the use of active transport by retaining and planting trees in the road reserve when it is safe to do so,” he said.

“We will consider community views before the removal of trees and acknowledge that trees often have cultural, heritage and community significance.”

The updated policy offers increased scope to consider existing trees, not just new plantings, and consideration during planning and development instead of only responding to new proposals.

Mr Wall said historically, VicRoads has been seen by the community as prioritising roads, safety and movement over trees and the wider environment.

“Trees provide significant benefits to the community including encouraging active travel, air pollution reduction, improved amenity and intangible benefits to public health,” he said.

“This policy provides greater guidance for VicRoads staff when assessing tree planting and/or retention in the road reserve in line with community expectations, while balancing road efficiency and safety concerns.

View the updated VicRoads Tree Policy [PDF 796Kb]

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