Changes to footpath cycling laws

15 October 2019

New road rules changes are coming for children cycling on the footpath. 

From the 15 October 2019 the following changes will occur: 

  • Children under 13 years old (ie. 12 years and under) will now be able to cycle on footpaths.
  • A person 13 years and older can accompany a child under 13 years (ie. 12 years and under) cycling on a footpath.
  • Adults with a young child in a child seat attached to their bicycle, or with a child pedalling on a bike attachment at the back of an adult bicycle, can cycle on the footpath.

After extensive consultation with pedestrian and cycling organisations, councils and community members, the road rules supporting children cycling on footpaths have been amended.

The new rules allow primary school age children (aged under 13) to ride on footpaths, and enable older siblings and friends (13-17) to accompany primary school age children on footpaths.  The rule changes allow more children to ride safely together. 

Currently adults (18 years and above) can accompany a minor cycling on the footpath. Other adults, and young people aged 13 and above cannot ride on the footpaths as is presently the case, unless accompanying a child under 13.

In addition, adults carrying children on their bicycle or on a bicycle attachment with pedals will be allowed to cycle on the footpath.  Adults with trailers attached to their bicycle, and cargo bikes with children in them, are not permitted on the footpath.

When cycling on footpaths, a bicycle rider must give way to pedestrians.  Slow down when approaching pedestrians and ring your bell or call out to let them know a bicycle rider is nearby.

When a footpath bicycle rider comes to a road, they must dismount and walk across to the other side, unless a sign or bike lantern indicates otherwise.

A range of maps to help plan your bicycle journey are available on this website.

Drivers are reminded that when they are exiting or entering driveways they must give way to footpath users before doing so.

For more information see cycling road rules.

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