Continuous flow on Hoddle Street and Punt Road

12 March 2019

On Sunday 17 March, Major Road Projects Victoria opened Victoria’s first continuous flow intersection at the Punt Road and Swan Street intersection.

The new design gives drivers and riders: 

  • more go time at green lights
  • shorter queues
  • more reliable travel times on Punt Road and Hoddle street. 

Continuous flow intersections are an innovative way to manage high traffic volumes and move people safely and efficiently across busy intersections.

This will reduce travel times and congestion on Victoria’s busiest arterial road. 

The new intersection moves right turns away from the intersection and introduces p-turns for traffic turning right. This removes the need the provide green lights for right-turning traffic within the intersection improving flow and travel times or the 330,000 drivers and riders who use Hoddle Street and Punt Road every day.  

New road signs and coloured line markings will help guide drivers through the new intersection easily and safely:

  • Turning right from Swan Street into Punt Road - follow blue lines on Olympic Boulevard and make a P-turn to travel towards the MCG.
  • Turning right from Punt Road northbound into Swan Street - follow the pink line marking by turning left onto Olympic Boulevard, then P-turn to continue onto Swan Street.
  • Turning right from Punt Road southbound into Olympic Boulevard - use the new earlier right-turn to travel on the lane dedicated to citybound traffic on Olympic Boulevard

For more information visit the Major Road Projects Victoria website.

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