Remaking of the Road Safety (Drivers) Regulations

07 June 2019

The Department of Transport (External link) are seeking feedback on the proposed Road Safety (Drivers) Regulations 2019.

The current Road Safety (Driver) Regulations 2009 will expire this year. As part of the remake, the existing regulations are reviewed to determine whether:

  • they are still required
  • they have achieved their objectives
  • any alternative options have been considered.

The Department of Transport (DoT) are seeking your feedback on the proposed regulations, and will be recommending changes to the Road Safety (Drivers) Regulations to the Minister for Roads and the Minister for Road Safety and the TAC, to provide consistent change over periods for licence holders from other jurisdictions who reside in Victoria. 

You can view the proposed regulations on the DoT website.

The rationale for the changes is to provide the same conversion period for all residents of Victoria and to simplify communication and enforcement. Proposed changes include:

  • a 6-month conversion period to allow sufficient time for international drivers to sit the required licence tests.
  • requirement for drivers with a temporary visa to convert to a local licence for the first time and will enable enforcement of road safety laws and sanctions.
  • minor changes to the graduated licensing system for drivers and the graduated licensing system for motorcyclists.
  • the introduction of demerit points for 2 existing offences for learner drivers, and the introduction of demerit points for 1 motorcycle driving offence.

There are also a number of changes being made to the regulations to reduce confusion and ambiguity and to streamline processes for the community.

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