Safer speed limit on Kingsbury Drive, Bundoora

09 April 2019

New 60km/h speed limit on Kingsbury Drive will apply from Friday 12 April 2019 to increase safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.


La Trobe University are building a new sports park adjacent to Kingsbury Drive, separate from their Bundoora campus. 

The new sports park will significantly increase pedestrian volumes in the area as visitors cross over Kingsbury Drive to access the new area from the Bundoora campus. 

About the project

Following a safety review, we’ll be reducing the speed limit from 70km/h to 60km/h on Kingsbury Drive from Friday 12 April 2019. We’re also installing new pedestrian operated signals to ensure the area is safe for everyone. 

The reduced speed limit will allow drivers enough time to respond to the new signals and improve their ability to stop and avoid crashes. 

Research and statistics have shown that casualty crash rates dramatically decrease when speed limits are lowered.

A left in, left out access will be built at the new carpark. Traffic turning right onto Kingsbury Drive from the carpark will need to make a u-turn at the Kingsbury Drive and Plenty Road intersection. 

We regularly review our speed zones and have found speed to be a significant factor in the risk and severity of crashes. A 5% increase in speed increases the risk of having a serious casualty crash by 15%. By reducing the speed on Kingsbury Drive, everyone can travel safely through the area. 

The new speed limit will apply from 12 April 2019.

Slow down and watch out for pedestrians.

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