VicRoads holds mirror up to cyclist safety

01 April 2019

Cycling just got safer at two busy Melbourne intersections with innovative, Australia-first Bicycle Blind Spot Mirrors.

The Blind Spot Mirror is a low-cost safety treatment intended to reduce or eliminate left-turn, side swipe crashes involving onward bound cyclists and left turning vehicles. VicRoads is trialling the Blind Spot Mirror at two intersections in Collingwood - at the corner Wellington Street and Langridge Street, and the corner of Nicholson Street and Gipps Street.

When vehicles are preparing to turn left at an intersection, cyclists can often be within drivers’ blind spots. By installing convex mirrors below traffic light lanterns at the four corners of these intersections, VicRoads aims to increase drivers’ awareness of cyclists travelling behind and alongside them in the bicycle lanes.

Image of cyclist at intersection facing a red light

As some of our most vulnerable road users, cyclists are 4.5 times more likely to die in a road crash than someone in a car. Signalised intersections are high-risk areas for cyclists, given their lack of physical protection and the number vehicles moving in different directions. 

The Blind Spot Mirror pilot is funded through the $35 million Safe Travel in Local Streets program, and forms part of the Victorian Government’s Towards Zero Road Safety Strategy, to achieve fewer than 200 deaths and a decrease in serious injuries by 15 per cent on our roads by 2020. The Safe Travel in Local Streets program is expected to prevent a total of 129 serious injuries over its 15-year life span.

Image of traffic light with convex mirror

Blind Spot Mirrors are used widely across Europe, but this installation marks their debut in Australia. The trial sites will be thoroughly evaluated over the coming months. If successful, this low-cost safety treatment could be rolled out in further locations on the road network.

For more information on our contribution to the Towards Zero Road Safety Strategy, visit our Safer Roads portal.

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