Victorians hooked on fishing with new custom plates

24 July 2019

Custom Plates have released a new fishing-themed custom plate to give all recreational fishers the chance to show everyone on the road how much they love their chosen pastime. 

‘Hooked on Victoria’ was chosen as the winner of the fishing custom plates slogan competition, suggested by enthusiastic a-fish-ionado Wayne from Maffra.

Launched last Friday at the Essendon Anglers Club, Wayne was presented with a set of his own personalised fishing plates, the prize for coming up with the winning slogan. 

More than 2,600 Victorians dropped a line and suggested a slogan for Victoria’s newest custom plate throughout March and April, with the winner chosen to represent both Victorians love of getting out on the water and the vast range of coastal and inland fishing options in our state. 

Fishers can choose from two plate options which were voted most popular from shortlisted options designed by VicRoads and the Victorian Fisheries Authority.

Plates can be purchased from $195 to convert existing combination to the new fishing designs, or $495 for anglers who want to create a new combination on one of the new custom plates. 

To catch your chosen plate before salmon else does visit the vplates website.

Image of two people holding a large and small fishing plates number plate

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