Buying and selling a second-hand vehicle is online

30 September 2020

Buyers and sellers can now complete the transfer of a second-hand vehicle online using the eTransfers process within the myVicRoads personal portal.  

Over the last 18 months, significant improvements have been made to the registration transfer process to protect the interests of customers and ensure timely, accurate updates to the Vehicles Register.  On 24 September 2020, VicRoads launched another stage of the eTransfers process, enabling buyers to complete their vehicle transfer online. 

Completing the transfer process online saves customers time and effort without having to visit a Customer Service Centre. It also means that transfer information is processed quickly and securely to assist law enforcement in case of traffic infringements.

Sellers complete a Notice of Disposal

Sellers can use the myVicRoads online application to transfer vehicle registrations from their name, and into the buyer’s name, when a registration transfer is between individuals.

When a seller logs into their myVicRoads account, they can select the vehicle that has been sold from their dashboard, enter the buyer’s surname and licence number (which is immediately verified) and the vehicle will be transferred into the buyer’s name within 24 hours. 

For more information go to sell a registered vehicle

Buyers complete the Transfer

When a buyer logs into their myVicRoads account, vehicles that have been transferred into their name and have outstanding transfer requirements will be highlighted for action. 

From within the online application, buyers can review transfer details already provided to VicRoads, enter details of their Roadworthy Certificate, upload images and files directly and make a payment for their transfer and motor vehicle duty fees, unless exempt.

For more information go to buy a registered vehicle.

Licensed motor car traders must continue to use the VicRoads partner portal to process all transfers of registration.

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