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08 January 2020

Due to technical issues with the VicTraffic app, the Department of Transport is urging motorists to use the VicTraffic website for road closure information.

Visit (External link) for road closure information. 

This is particularly pertinent for drivers travelling in bushfire impacted areas.

We have become aware that unless settings are manually changed, the VicTraffic phone app is not updating at the speed required due to rapid changes in information (see below for instructions on how to turn off Google Traffic Colours). 

Ensuring Victorians have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information is our absolute priority.

We can assure motorists that they will receive this information via the VicTraffic website.

We are working as quickly as possible with Google to rectify this issue and will advise the community via the VicTraffic website when the app is available and functioning at optimal capacity.

We remind Victorians to stay away from bushfire affected areas including East Gippsland, Upper Murray and Alpine areas and to continue to listen to the advice of our emergency services.

Traffic management points remain in place in some areas. These are for the safety of Victorians and are clearly signed with road blocks and manned by traffic controllers.

Turn off Google Traffic Colours: open VicTraffic app > tap settings cog > 'Show Google Traffic Colours' toggle off > Done.

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