Grass cutting crews coming to a roadside near you

22 December 2021

The safety of Victorian road users is always our priority and that's why we work closely with emergency services on road management and fire preparation all year around.

We know how important it is to increase sight-distance and reduce fire risk along the arterial road network. 

Every year, we cut tens of thousands of kilometres of roadside grass across the state to get on top of spring growth, and ahead of the busy summer and peak fire season. 

We work alongside councils and other fire agencies to identify, plan and deliver a program of works that aims to ensure the roadside is safe. This includes making sure vegetation doesn’t block drivers view, and also reducing fuels on the roadside. Our tasks include mowing, slashing and burning. 

As locals, we know different parts of the state have different needs, and that’s why each region has their own strategy based on their unique requirements. 

In preparation for summer, crews are also inspecting detour routes or vital entry and exit points to make sure they are clear of obstacles and equipped to handle increased traffic.

We are examining road surfaces, roadside reserves and ensuring detour signage is in place and easy to follow in the case of emergency.

At times, our staff even at times work alongside arborists to assess roadside trees and determine whether they could fall and block detour routes in the event of a fire.

Keep an eye out for our crews on the roadside, and if you want to report a hazard you can contact us on 13 11 70, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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