More than 100 road projects set to benefit local communities

18 February 2021

More than 100 road safety projects are about to start rolling out across Victoria, in a $245 million road improvement blitz designed to reduce road trauma and save lives. The first tranche of the jointly-funded projects are expected to start later this month.

The upgrades will be delivered across Victoria by mid-year, leading to a wide range of safety improvements such new safety barriers to prevent head-on and run-off-road crashes and rumble strip line-marking to alert drivers if they veer from their lane.

The package will also include safety upgrades for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as a number of intersection upgrades in local communities.

We are ensuring this road safety package can roll-out quickly, saving lives and reducing injuries. The projects were selected based on the safety risk at each of the locations, with the aim of reducing road trauma in both regional and metropolitan areas.

Whether you’re commuting to work, going for a Sunday ride, or dropping the kids off at school – we’re ensuring that our road network is safer for everyone.

In regional Victoria, projects will include safety improvements on the Midland Highway between Daylesford and Guildford, on Portarlington-Queenscliff Road at Portarlington and improving safety barriers on the Western Highway.

In Melbourne, works will include projects like upgrading traffic signals on Plenty Road in Bundoora and on Bridge Road near Yarra Boulevard in Richmond.

The $245 million investment includes $183 million of funding from the Australian Government and $62 million from the Victorian Government.

It builds on the joint $97.2 million investment made by the Australian and Victorian Governments earlier this year to boost road safety across the state.


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